Trade Resources Industry Views Lang Xianping: Music as The Car Can Not Exist Successfully Four Difficulties

Lang Xianping: Music as The Car Can Not Exist Successfully Four Difficulties

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December 11th afternoon, Jia Yueting at the annual meeting of China's corporate leaders to respond to the recent outside world as the music price, supply chain, capital, automotive and many other aspects of the query. During the period, made it clear that will not give up the car. In my opinion, the reflection on the "blind rush" is just a feel good publicity.

Lang Xianping: Music as The Car Can Not Exist Successfully Four Difficulties

As you know, in the most glorious time, we put a BAT on the music became TABL, he was very influential visible. If the music can listen to my suggestions, may not go this step. Because in May this year, I have repeatedly told these Internet Co, you do not succeed in the car.

Music as the biggest failure is the port ecosystem lose money

Music as there are seven ecological, including four types of Internet resources finance, Internet and cloud, content, sports, as well as three port classes, mobile phones, television, cars.

He has nearly 80 billion of the cash in hand, because the only thing to do R & D is to buy someone else's business.

In mobile phones, for example, if you are like HUAWEI, or as high as Qualcomm can develop standards, they do not have to develop standards, can create their own chips or build the screen can also be successful, because you have a core competitiveness. These advantages are not all the music, the only thing you can do is the acquisition, after the acquisition began subsidies, this is the music as the mode of capital operation, the capital operation is the most I beg, but the capital operation will not succeed. According to music as its own data released in 2015, as the music market accounted for 0.42% of mobile phones, a loss of up to $400 million in the market in September of this year accounted for 0.97%, a subsidy of $1 billion 300 million.

Music as the TV is really not easy to do. 2016 music, after the acquisition of VIZIO, combined LCD TV shipments up to 14 million 570 thousand units, Samsung, Taiwan, LG27910 million, Hisense 14 million 350 thousand, TCL1380 million units, ranked third. The problem is that TV is burn subsidies, in 2014 the market share is 3%, a loss of 184 million yuan. 2015 accounted for 6% of the market share, a loss of $1 billion 352 million. To 2016 rose to 11%, a loss of $2 billion 97 million. After all the accumulated losses of 3 billion 633 million yuan. According to the prediction of two-dimensional yunwang do, in September this year as the market share is as high as 19%, it is a great achievement to be the.

Repairer bleeding

Music as the original success brought him great profits, he accumulated a lot of wealth through the operation of the capital, these wealth mainly from two aspects. The first part is the investor's money. The second part is the money used on the stock market, such as high cash, creating high cash concept. This year rose very high, his high cash billions. Then equity pledge, private placement and then put the money into the concept of ecological subsidiary, through the consolidated statements continue to pull the performance of listed companies, and then pull the stock price and then cash. Then put the loss of non-listed company's ecological subsidiary to go, this is the standard capital operation approach.

Through these two methods, probably accumulated more than and 800 billion, and then do a lot of things. From the point of view of his financial distribution, the Internet and cloud into 240 million, 4 billion 300 million, 5 billion mobile phone sports, real estate 6 billion 400 million, 10 billion 800 million, 15 billion, the content of Internet financial TV 18 billion, automobile has invested 4 billion, so the remaining 14 billion 800 million cash. But in the car this year plans to vote 17 billion, so certainly no money, so the music as the capital chain will be tense, or will break.

This year is expected to invest 17 billion money is already stretched, but they plan to vote again in 2017 41 billion, but I do believe that if the money is not enough to be a car.

Why can't the car do?

Because four great difficulties are inevitable.

The first hurdle is the amount of money you can't imagine. Apple's cash reserves of $230 billion, the result of the failure of the car announced. Music as cast 4 billion 700 million also cast a further investment of 17 billion, but also to vote for more than $41 billion 600 million, the money can be compared to the apple it?

Second the complexity of design is beyond your imagination. The car is not screw 7000 parts, plus small parts of the small wire screw nut has about 30 thousand parts. To these 7000 parts, for example, every spare parts have design standards. To TOYOTA, for example, one of the major non - spare parts design standards is a 1000 page book, as music has this ability?

The third is the high technical difficulties you can not imagine, Tesla electric car production only five years, the most critical time also rely on TOYOTA and Mercedes Benz to help him.

Fourth is the complexity of supply chain management you can not imagine. If the daily production of 1000 cars, 30 thousand parts from all over the world must arrive on time, as long as a nut to enter, the car is not installed, you can not sell.

I have told a number of Internet companies in May 23rd, the car can not be successful, we do not try. If you calm down a little, listen to the professor an advice, you will not go to the impasse today. Unfortunately, you blind rush.

The whole empire is because of improper ideas LETV making it into such a dilemma, and into this predicament, investors once see the negative news can not vote you do? So I was very worried about the future, as the 80 billion empire will disappear. I want to warn us again through the music of the entrepreneur, the success is not a blind rush, but by careful planning, by conservative, I hope you pay attention to, take a closer look at the world complex.

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