Trade Resources Industry Views Xiamen Mito Company Listed in Hongkong Market Valuation of Nearly $5 Billion

Xiamen Mito Company Listed in Hongkong Market Valuation of Nearly $5 Billion

Wu Xinhong (in) created the United States figure company, and successfully led the team listed in Hong Kong stocks.

15 days, Xiamen will usher in a happy event: Mito company listed in Hongkong. Why is the United States to become the largest Internet companies listed in Hong Kong after the Tencent? Why such a unicorn enterprises in Xiamen was born and grow up? The success of the United States, but also to the Chinese entrepreneurs what revelation? Haixi morning news reporters walked into the United States, today for four consecutive days for the reader to the depth of the decoding.

8 years ago, the birth of a "to bring the user experience" of the United States was born, after 8 years of rapid development, the United States plans to finally listed in Hong Kong, the valuation of nearly $5 billion.

So, why the Tencent listed in Hongkong after the largest Internet Co will spend the United States figure? This "let people become beautiful" of the company and how to make their own forever "beauty" go on?

History of development

U.S. map represents the trend of mobile Internet

In 2008, Cai Wensheng and Wu Xinhong co founded the MiTo Mito, over the past 8 years, the product line covers various fields from landscaping, self beauty to video entertainment. From the development of the United States, we see that the United States from the beginning of the tool has been transformed into social networking.

In just 8 years, the United States and the United States to witness the rapid development of the Internet to witness and lead the China Mobile internet. In February 2011, a trend of rapid development of Mito leveraging the Internet to launch the first mobile version of Meitu Xiu Xiu, the number of users is also beginning to show a geometric growth level.

The future of mobile Internet must be vertical, professional, customized." This is the view of Cai Wensheng, chairman of the United States, from this, the United States plans to start a rapid development of the mobile Internet transformation, launched the U.S. mobile phone, the United States and other products. According to App Annie, to download volume, Mito repeatedly with ALI, apple, Baidu, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other global Internet giant Tencent, ranked among the iOS non game application developers of the world's top eight.

Sense of worth

User experience is the core of the U.S.

U.S. plans to be listed, many people are pegged to the U.S. figure of the loss of numbers: 6 billion 200 million, and questioned its future commercialization. In addition to the prospectus is not careful enough to produce misunderstanding, these people did not grasp the core competitiveness of the u.s.. During the interview, the U.S. figure executives a sentence to make the reporter impressed: the U.S. map of the business is to the user experience as the first.

In fact, after deducting the fair value of the preferred stock and equity incentive, the cumulative loss of the United States, the actual value of 1 billion 100 million yuan. This figure, a focus on the development of Internet users of Internet technology companies, is almost negligible, most Internet technology companies will have a huge investment in the early. The world famous social networking site Twitter2013 in November listed on the NYSE, a market capitalization of $24 billion 500 million, then Twitter monthly active users of more than 200 million listed in the 9 months before the loss of $134 million, the company accumulated losses of $418 million.

"The beauty of the picture has been to 'the United States' as the main, which is the company's own positioning of the United States, around the' beauty 'we have a lot of things to do." In CEO Wu Xinhong view, as a mobile Internet Co, the core of the user, the number of users, the stronger the brand. Visible, the realization is not the first to solve the United States and the United States to solve the.

As of October 2016, the number of active users in the United States in, there are 456 million figures on the global Internet industry are ranked on the number, and the realization of the work of so many users currently developed very little. Micro-blog Sina monthly active users about 280 million, but in the first half advertising revenue as high as 1 billion 438 million, while the U.S. figure of advertising revenue was only 25 million 900 thousand.

In the user experience the value of the supremacy of the United States, the United States plans for the commercialization of the trial can be described as cautious. This year, the United States to try to try to try to try the beauty of the camera's color feature, to some lipstick Tmall store diversion. This is the core of the commercialization of service users, the user after taking pictures according to the United States figure of the big data to measure which lipstick is more suitable for their own." One executive said, we will not simply rough way to use the advertising business, commercial to give way to the user experience."


Electricity providers and other four carriages racing together bridle to bridle

According to the United States, in the case does not affect the user experience, the United States in the future will focus on 4 aspects of the commercialization realized, respectively, intelligent hardware, online advertising, Internet value-added services and electronic business platform.

The United States, said the figure, intelligent hardware will continue to take pictures and photo optimization, and in the first half of 2017 and the second half of the year to launch at least one of the smart phone.

According to online advertising, the United States plans an executive to paint a blueprint: "we will be based on the user bought the goods, inferred that the next user needs to buy goods, and advertising push. Simply put, advertising and users to be consistent with the tone."

Mito company in 2017 will be launched on the social e-commerce platform for half a year, the MiTo has set up a team for the social e-commerce platform to attract brands, distributors and red net, and has hired additional R & D staff to develop the e-commerce platform.

U.S. map of the Internet value-added services mainly around the short video and live business. Data show that since the launch of the United States took the Internet value-added services business since the business revenue generated by the second quarter of 2016, about 700 thousand yuan, the third quarter increased to approximately 9 million 200 thousand yuan, up 1160%.

Us figure is expected, its Internet services and other parts of the end of 2017 to achieve break even, from its user scale and user loyalty point of view, to achieve this goal is not difficult.

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