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Uflex Develops Antimicrobial Flexible Packaging Material

India-based Uflex has developed new flexible packaging material with anti-microbial properties to improve shelf life of packed cooked foods.

The new FDA approved packaging material will help to reduce microbial growth, enabling to keep the pouch active and enhance the shelf life of the cooked food packed inside.

Uflex’s flexible packaging material features sealant layer, which is specially compounded with anti-microbial properties.  

The new active antimicrobial packaging will be used to actively modify the internal environment by continuous interaction with the food over the specified shelf-life.

During the recent trial, the new flexible packaging material effectively protected the sandwich for up to nine days compared to packed in normal pouch for up to three days.

The company is also planning to test the new packaging material with different perishable food products, as well as meat and poultry products.

Uflex packaging and new product development joint president Jeevaraj Pillai said: “The pouch remains dormant till it is empty and swings into action only when it comes in contact with food.

“We also conducted trials on stuffed Indian bread (known as Paranthas) and the results have been very encouraging.

“In a tropical weather like we have in India this packaging solution can be very helpful in stopping the growth of fungi and other microbes that spoil food.”

Uflex provides flexible packaging solutions to the customers in the US, Canada, South America, UK, Europe, Russia, CIS countries, South Africa and other African countries, Middle East and the South Asian Countries, in addition to India.

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