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Linpac Introduces New Rigid rPET Solutions for Foodservice Industry

UK-based Linpac has introduced a new range of rigid rPET solutions for the food service industry.

The new range, which includes New Leaf, Pyramid Packs, Bol and event platters, will complements Linpac’ portfolio of EPS Hotpacs, catering trays, plates and bowls.

Linpac said that the new range offers variety of food service packaging options for customers from a single supplier. 

Linpac market development manager Mark Durston said: “Perfect for our loyal distributors, and their customers in the hotel, restaurant and catering industries, the new Linpac range can be hand or machine packed at its on-sale location.

“Designed to deliver flexibility, with the ease of ordering from one supplier, Linpac has an extremely comprehensive offer.”

The firm said it now offers hinged-lid and film lidded rigid rPET solutions for prepared fresh food including sandwiches, salads, sushi and bakery.

Linpac is planning to introduce new packaging formats and designs in 2017 to meet the demands of the food service market.

With the use of sustainable fresh food packaging solutions, customers to contribute to a circular economy, the firm noted.

In February 2017, Linpac and specialist films manufacturer Klöckner Pentaplast have developed new modified atmosphere pack (MAP) for fresh perishable food and liquids.

The new mono PET pack has been designed to protect and preserve cured and cooked meat, cheese, fresh pasta, convenience food and liquids.

Linpac is engaged in manufacturing fully recyclable rPET and PP rigid packaging for meat, fish and poultry. It has 14 manufacturing sites serving 71 countries.

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