Trade Resources Industry Views Eddyline Brewery Installs CFT Canning System at US Plant

Eddyline Brewery Installs CFT Canning System at US Plant

Eddyline Brewery has installed a CFT canning system to expand its production by more than 40,000 barrel (bbls).

Designed by CFT Packaging USA, the canning system triples the cannign speed while minimizing oxidation, loss of aroma, and inconsistent fills.

An X-Ray fill level analyzer within the line sets aside cans that remain underfilled during production.

Eddyline Brewery owner Mic Heynekamp said: "Our River Runners Pale Ale has won both a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival and a silver medal at the World Beer Cup mostly because of its great aroma; however, the aroma was lost in the packaging process.

"The results from the new CFT canning line have hugely improved the quality and aroma with our product line.

"Packaging was our weak link and we are excited to now being able to offer a superior product."

Eddyline Brewery plans to produce 5,500bbls and 7,500bbls of beer in 2015 and 2016, respectively. It currently distributes its products in Colorado and aims to pursue markets in Arizona and New Mexico this year.

The brewery's product line includes three year-round canned beers, CrankYanker IPA, River Runners Pale Ale, Jolly Roger Black Lager. It began with the production of CrankYanker IPA in 2011.

Image: The new CFT canning line features an X-Ray fill level analyzer. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsFoto / Eddyline Taproom & Brewery.


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