Trade Resources Industry Views Express Packaging Invests in Domino's AX350I CIJ Printing Technology

Express Packaging Invests in Domino's AX350I CIJ Printing Technology

US-based Express Packaging has invested in Domino’s latest continuous ink jet (CIJ) printer, Ax350i, as part of its efforts to enhance its coding and marking applications.

Featuring advanced quality management module (QMM) and ink management systems, the company has developed the new Ax350i to replace i-?Tech A320i and A420i printers.

The printer, which can be used with a range of print head variants, allows to meet coding needs in different sectors such as food, beverage, pharma and industrial.

Ax350i printer’s modular stackability feature enables to easily install on busy production lines, and is a better printer for use in a facility where wet foods are handled.

Domino’s latest CIJ printer holds capacity to deliver multiple line codes, helping to print large amounts of data on each item.

Domino’s digital printing solutions can be used in various applications, including abelling, mailing, publications printing, packaging converting, tickets and forms, plastic cards, security printing and postal sectors.

Express Packaging president Fred Hartzler said: "Although we were very happy with the technologies we had in place, we instantly wanted to try the new product as soon as it was available.

“Every time Domino comes out with something new, we find it to be even better than what we're currently using. The Ax350i has continued that trend."

Domino Printing Sciences global product marketing manager David Croft said: “Express Packaging’s high standard of customers means its products must be delivered on-time and in top condition.”

Express Packaging provides a range of primary and secondary packaging solutions for global brands such as Nestlé, Kraft and Hershey’.

With four facilities in Ohio and Illino, the company is specialized in providing pouching, cartoning, shrink-wrapping and label printing solutions to its customers.

Express Packaging has already installed over 50 Domino systems, including case coders and CIJ printers in its facilities.

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