Trade Resources Industry Views Finisar Demonstrating Several New Products for High-Speed Optical Networking Applications

Finisar Demonstrating Several New Products for High-Speed Optical Networking Applications

In booth #412 at the European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC 2014) show in Cannes, France (22-24 September), fiber-optic communications component and subsystem maker Finisar Corp of Sunnyvale, CA, USA is demonstrating several new products for high-speed optical networking applications, including a low-profile dual wavelength-selective switch (WSS) and high-resolution optical channel monitor (OCM) that enable the design of next-generation reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM) line-cards.

Low-profile dual WSS and high-resolution OCM ROADM technology

Finisar is demonstrating how the combination of its low-profile dual WSS and high-resolution OCM provides the foundation for next-generation ROADM subsystem design. With the flexibility of the WSS coupled with the resolution and accuracy of the OCM, systems equipment OEMs can create high-performance, single-slot, route-and-select ROADM line-card designs.

The dual WSS is the newest addition to what is claimed to be the industry’s broadest portfolio of wavelength-selective switches, built on Finisar’s Flexgrid and LCoS technology. It offers dynamic deployment of bandwidth at 6.25GHz channel width and intra-channel attenuation control. The dual WSS is available in three low-profile configurations (2x1x20, 2x1x9 or 2x8x12) to support ROADM line-card and colorless, directionless add/drop applications.

The high-resolution OCM features power accuracy to 0.5dB when monitoring signal power at 6.25GHz resolution. This improvement enables optimization of signal power and center frequency of densely packed super-channel carriers, which not only heightens system performance but also assures future compatibility as new innovations increase spectral utilization, says Finisar.

The live demonstration connects optical sources through the dual WSS, generating a spectrum with various channel widths, locations, and attenuation profiles. Through the high-resolution OCM, the performance of the dual WSS as well as the OCM’s ability to resolve intra-channel features and super-channel carriers can be observed by comparing the OCM output to an optical spectrum analyzer (OSA). Both the low-profile dual WSS and high-resolution OCM are sampling now.

UltraSpan amplifier coherent link demonstration

Finisar is also showcasing ultra-long (400km) repeater-less fiber-optic link technology that extends beyond the reach and capabilities of traditional telecom transmission systems. Based on its UltraSpan amplifiers, Finisar is showing a 100G ultra-long repeater-less coherent link over an ultra-long span. These links offer Class 1M operation over a secure platform, are network interfaced, and can be controlled remotely. Ultra-long links are used in applications such as oil, gas, mining, energy and transportation. UltraSpan amplifiers are currently shipping in production.

During ECOC, Finisar is also displaying equipment from its portfolio of products including its latest optical transceivers, active cables, WSS devices, advanced optical components, optical amplifiers, and passive devices.

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