Trade Resources Industry Views In 2016 The Most Cattle X Mobile Phones Are in This!!!

In 2016 The Most Cattle X Mobile Phones Are in This!!!

Over the past 2016 years, many mobile phone manufacturers launched numerous models of mobile phone products, the tail of the several impressive it? Intelligent mobile phone is homogeneous at the moment, in order to attract the attention of consumers, has become a unique selling point of innovative products, a powerful weapon to win the attention grabbing. This period of 2016 annual inventory, special election to a few people in front of a bright innovative smart phone for a simple inventory, introduction, and the tail to share.

IPhone 7 Plus

Although the inventory ranking, but I still chose to be the most familiar with the iPhone 7 Plus as the first model of this year's inventory.

Compared to the iPhone 6 \/ 6S series, in 2016 Apple's new machine iPhone 7 series to the surprise, the change is not the appearance and the previous spread of the basic similarity. But all this does not affect the iPhone 7 series, especially the iPhone 7 Plus in 2016 to become a member of the mobile phone innovation of the year - the first press Home key, new type induction combined with Force Touch technology boldly removed the 3.5mm standard audio interface, add a bright black color and waterproof function, in the double focal length of 7 Plus double iPhone the lens design brings new mobile phone zoom photography experience, also introduced with good depth of field effect mode of portrait photography.

SONY XZ Xperia

After the launch of the SONY XZ Xperia, with its new appearance at the same time the harvest a lot of praise has been a lot of criticism.

This is the second generation of the SONY X series of Xperia products, even if the update is still quite the taste of SONY Xperia. And talk to XZ Xperia biggest innovation lies in the back left at the top of the 23 million pixel G camera and the three image sensor. This camera has 24mm wide and f\/2.0 aperture, the highest ISO 12800 is also equipped with photographic givers, the first five axis in mobile phone use on the anti shake video recording function; and the three lens below the image sensor are respectively Exmor RS prediction module, Laser hybrid AF AF laser focusing module and RGBC-IR spectral sensor, respectively. On day and night AF and scene color reduction.

In addition, SONY also introduced a XZ Qnovo Xperia adaptive charging technology, according to the user's habits, automatically adjust the charging time, to prevent the battery in the long term charge to extend the battery life.

Millet MIX came very suddenly, in the millet Note 2 conference as a concept of the product almost stole the limelight millet Note 2.

Needless to say, millet MIX biggest innovation comes from the front of this screen accounting for up to 91.3% 6.4 inch full screen frame, top, left and right sides of a very narrow border bring visual impact is different from other mobile phone. In order to adapt to this screen, millet will be below the right MIX front camera to the front of the fuselage, also introduces the cantilever piezoelectric ceramic acoustic system for traditional handset vacancy. In addition, the current rate of good quality ceramic material body so that the whole machine has a good sense of touch.

Although the actual use is poor experience, but this screen bring visual impact enough to make millet MIX cool.


G5 LG a change G LG Series in the past, but also brought the concept of modularity.

LG G5 can be said to be the market's first popular production modular mobile phone, the down out of type design, can be extended to more features of the mobile phone, the only camera module, Hi-Fi module and a standard battery module currently available for selection, the downside is that the LG G5 does not support hot swappable. Every time before unloading module need to shut down mobile phone power supply. In addition, G5 LG also has two different wide-angle camera, the use of different cameras can get different photography fun.

Z Moto is interesting not only in the mobile phone itself, more in its equipped with the use of Mods Moto expansion module.

Z Moto's biggest innovation is the definition of the future mobile phone Mods Moto can be extended play. The current official provides a Hasselblad camera module, projection module, JBL speaker module, battery module and back cover module etc.. Lenovo also promised Moto Mods extension module will include support for now the first generation, three generation Moto Z series of mobile phone products, and announced a module developer support program, called the Moto Mods extension module more will develop next year.

The other is compared with the LG G5 module, Moto Z and Moto Mods, the biggest advantage is that the company used, and has easy connection - only the Moto Mods extension module and Moto Z two are close to the back, "was" a sound two easily through magnetic connection together, though there is no physical connection with bayonet, but very strong magnetic, use completely without worrying about the two accidentally separated.

LG V20

V20 LG is LG in 2016 launched another flagship phone.

The same as the LG V20 is equipped with a two camera, a 16 million pixel camera with 75° standard viewing angle, the other a 8 million pixel camera with 135° ultra wide-angle view. LG V20 and the biggest difference is that the front has two screens, a conventional 5.7 inches 2K resolution IPS screen, another piece of 2.05 inch 160 × 1040 auxiliary screen resolution, auxiliary screen is a main screen above the right to provide notice to preview, shortcut information display, and lit display support.

(V20 LG source: Trends Ars, Technica Digital)Samsung Note Galaxy 7

As the first death of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 3 seconds of silence.

The tail have not thought, if Samsung Note Galaxy 7 did not cause the defect of spontaneous combustion, and now the pattern of the mobile phone market, the share will be how? Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has just launched, the introduction of new technology of iris recognition is called the king of Android - Samsung proud hyperboloid screen, compared to the S7 series of luxury properties, further more dust and water can be operated under water Note series stylus, in addition to the global HDR video support for Galaxy Note 7 called Android flagship of the most balanced ability.

Unfortunately, there are internal defects in the design of Galaxy Note 7 is now only looking forward to flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, Samsung's flagship product next at the same time, Galaxy Note 7 in silence for 2 seconds.

Hammer phone M1 \/ M1L

In the eyes of some people, the hammer M1 \/ M1L is not a "visual" mobile phone - compared to the T series, the appearance of the hammer on the M1 \/ M1L is not so pleasant, look at the internal flagship configuration and not too much innovation. Tails may ask, where is the hammer M1 \/ M1L?

In fact, the hammer M1 \/ M1L innovation points in the OS Big on the "Bang Smartisan" and "Step One" new characteristics. The former in almost any interface, any scenario will be extracted from the required information, and quickly edit, sharing and other operations; the latter can be understood as a support press and drag sharing fast operation permanent background. Once the combination of these two new features, the use of efficiency will be greatly improved, the original need to complete the more than and 10 step, only to spend a few simple steps can be done.

Millet phone 5 enjoy version

Before the millet MIX, millet is the most handsome phone may be millet phone 5 enjoy the version of it?

Why millet phone 5 enjoy the version of the 2016 creative mobile phone inventory? In fact, millet phone 5 enjoy the version before the millet MIX using a ceramic material body, the hardness of the ceramic material than the glass material to a lot more, texture better and more resistant to scraping. And millet phone 5 enjoy the version of the Home key also used a ceramic material, both to avoid the impact of scratches on the fingerprint identification, higher dielectric constant has a more sensitive fingerprint identification.

Unfortunately, the current ceramic material yield is low, and did not get mass production.

The inventory of the iPhone 7 Plus, SONY Xperia XZ, Moto Z, LG MIX, millet G5, LG V20, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 M1 \/ M1L, hammer and millet mobile phone 5 exclusive version of the 9 innovation of the year 2016 mobile phone, I do not know which is the tail of their heart most? Welcome to the hearts of the new year will be the year of the new mobile phone to share with everyone.

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