Trade Resources Industry Views Sinotruk Wangpai Targets 50 Thousand in 2016

Sinotruk Wangpai Targets 50 Thousand in 2016

Sinotruk Chengdu Wangpai 2016 Commercial Annual Conference themed with “Quality Creates Future” was held in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province on December 29, 2015.

Tong Jingen, the deputy general manager of Sinotruk Group and the chairman of Sinotruk Wangpai, said on the conference that,“The production and sales target of Sinotruk Wangpai is 50,000 with the market share growth of 1.59%. This is the overall target of Sinotruk Wangpai in 2016”.

Jin Wensheng, the deputy chief engineer of Sinotruk Group, the party secretary and general manager of Sinotruk Wangpai, stressed that nearly 40 high-quality trucks researched and developed by Sinotruk Wangpai will become the competitive products in real sense.

The 27 series W5 medium-and-high-duty truck designed with MAN technology entered market successfully for 4×2 towing, 8×4 dumping and 6×2 loading. Then their quality was further upgraded with improvement in technology and craftsmanship, and enhancement in configuration.

The Sinotruk Wangpai 7 MAN truck is very competitive in market after upgrading. It is medium-and-high-end truck which is targeted at urban and intercity logistics transportation. It can meet the Nationalâ…£Emission Standards. It is equipped with MAN MC05 engine and covers power range including 140,160 and 180 horsepower.

The Sinotruk Wangpai 7 micro-duty truck is named as “Heavy-duty Truck” and “Eidolon. It has great technological advantages over the similar trucks for its excellence in appearance, power, comfortability, loading performance and safety after grading. Moreover, the trucks with bi-fuel engine of “CNG” and gasoline won great advantages for enlarging overseas market share.

Focus on high-quality trucks and break through the sales volume with innovation. Sinotruk Wangpai released its sales target in 2016. It set its sales target of the medium-and-heavy-duty truck 2,400 and work hard for 3,500. Its sales target of Wangpai 7 light-duty truck is 16,000 with growth of 7,906 compared to the same period in last year. The sales target of micro-duty truck with diesel engine is 7,500,micro-duty truck with diesel engine 10,500,light-duty truck 16,000 and engineering truck 13,800. The new-fuel truck is targeted at the market of public government and logistics industry.

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