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Aldi Revamps Labelling on Own-Brand Milk Range

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Aldi has introduced a new label to feature on milk products to promote the health benefits of drinking milk.

The new We Love Milk label will feature on Aldi’s Cowbelle-brand milk. It is part of a drive from the company to promote healthy eating.

The new label has been introduced across the majority of stores in England and Wales. It is not available in Scotland.

Aldi managing director of buying Julie Ashfield said: “This is a simple but important step that we hope will help educate our customers about the wider nutritional benefits of milk.”

The company said that the amount of calcium present in a 250ml glass of milk is equal to that of 650g of broccoli, 205g of kale or 120g of almonds.

Aldi said it was one of the first grocers to eliminate confectionery from the checkout area and to stop selling energy drinks to children. The company also has a sugar reduction plan in place.

Ashfield said: “As well as offering excellent-quality products at the most affordable prices, we want to help customers live healthy lives by giving them the right information about the food they eat.”

Earlier this year, Aldi announced its plan to eliminate the single-use plastic bags and provide bags for life and reusable bags made from back-of-store plastic waste.

The initiative aligns with the company’s own packaging reduction strategy, with Aldi committed to ensure that all packaging on its own-label products will be recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2022.

The company decided to scrap 5p carrier bags as part of its work to cut the amount of packaging and plastics used by both its business and its customers.

Aldi is claimed to be the UK’s fifth largest supermarket with more than 750 stores and over 30,000 employees. The company’s market share has more than doubled since 2010.

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