Trade Resources Industry Views Samsung's Crazy Family Hub Smart-Fridge Hits Uk, But It Costs £4, 500

Samsung's Crazy Family Hub Smart-Fridge Hits Uk, But It Costs £4, 500

Ever wished that your fridge had a touchscreen? Haven’t we all. The good news is that Samsung finally has you covered with the UK launch of Family Hub.

Samsung has just announced that the Family Hub Refrigerator is available to buy in the UK, but it doesn’t come cheap. For the basic fridge freezer model, you’ll have to fork out a lofty £2,999.99. And for the multi-door model, you’ll pay an even more ludicrous £4,499.99.

But as some of you will be aware, the Family Hub isn’t just any refrigerator. On the front lives a 21.5-inch Full HD LCD display that acts as a “digital command centre” for all your fridge-y needs. You can use the panel to post, share, and update calendars, pin photos, share your children’s “art”, and even leave notes for the family.

But it gets better: the Family Hub can even help you manage your grocery needs. Inside the fridge are three high-quality cameras that capture an image every time you close the door. You’ll then be able to access these images using the Samsung Smart Home app (iOS and Android compatible) to see what’s inside your fridge. It’s a great way to check up on the contents on your fridge while grocery shopping, for instance.

Speaking at the announcement, Nick Bevan, Samsung’s Head of Domestic Appliances in the UK, said: “The kitchen has ways been the heart of the home and so we are delighted to have developed a premium appliances which enhances the way we live our lives, helping to connect families and make juggling family needs that little bit easier.”

He continued: “Whether you want to bring your kitchen to life with movies and music, coordinate with the whole family using one central calendar or discover recipes and more efficiently manage your household groceries, the Family Hub refrigerator is the ultimate hub for your home."

You can also track expiration dates of your food by entering the number of remaining days on an item, which will then be counted down using the Food Reminder app on the touchscreen.

Samsung has also partnered with a number of chefs, including Michel Roux Jr., and Whisk, to allow the Family Hub to provide recipes direct to your kitchen. You’ll even be able to personalise your recipe recommendations based on your tastes, and send the required ingredients to your shopping list.

“At, we’re passionate about helping people find the food they love, and we’ve always dreamt about an integration directly into smart kitchen appliances,” said Nick Holzherr, CEO of Whisk.

There are also non-food specific features, including screen mirroring, and music streaming via TuneIn.

Samsung is selling the Family Hub through its online store, as well as Currys PC World,, John Lewis, and other selected retailers.

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