Trade Resources Industry Views Ardagh Designs New Cans for Germany's Rhodius Mineralquellen

Ardagh Designs New Cans for Germany's Rhodius Mineralquellen

Ardagh has designed new sleek 330 ml cans for two products of German drinks manufacturer Rhodius Mineralquellen.

The cans were designed for drinks manufacturer’s natural mineral water and mineral water/apple juice mix.

Ardagh’s new can will provide complete airtight for carbonated beverages, in addition to preserving carbonation and preventing oxygen from affecting the delicate contents.

According to Ardagh, the can’s lighter profile translates to less fuel usage during transport and its unbreakable and lightweight structure allows Rhodius to launch water products in all German states.

Rhodius Mineralquellen product and PR manager Lisa Hänsgen said: “With our can filling line close to the spring, we are currently the only German mineral spring to can mineral water.

“Thanks to a second filling line, we are able to separately fill different beverages and consequently increase the flexibility and efficiency of filling operations.”

“When we decided to relist canned mineral water, we closely cooperated with Ardagh Group right from the start.”

Since 1974, Rhodius has been bottling mineral water, which includes calcium and magnesium from the Rhodius artesian spring

When Germany introduced a mandatory deposit on beverage cans in 2003, the firm banned canning its mineral water while continuing to fill other beverages within its portfolio into cans

With around 23,000 employees, Ardagh Group operates 110 glass and metal manufacturing facilities in 22 countries,

The company produces glass packaging in all shapes and sizes with around 20 different colours. It also produces metal packaging solutions.

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