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Yuchai Ranks First in Innovation Enterprises

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The ranking list of Guangxi Top 100 Innovation Enterprises was issued recently. As the first list for regional innovation enterprises issued by China, it comprehensively considers the innovation capability of Guangxi enterprises through four major dimension setting and indicator achieving systems, i.e. the number of patents, patent quality, patent protection and patent application. Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yuchai) gained the first place of this list. Yuchai also ranked No. 4 on the list of China’s Self-dependent Enterprises issued before by organizations such as China Council for Brand Development, China Appraisal Society and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, becoming the only enterprise on the list in the whole industry.

Since technological innovation is the foundation of the enterprise, Yuchai is dedicated to technological innovation in recent years and won the Second Class Award of National Science and Technology Progress Award three times with the innovation projects. So far, Yuchai has been ranking the first on the application quantity for patent among Guangxi enterprises for 10 successive years. In 2013, Yuchai’s capability of technological innovation leaped to No. 20 in China and ranked No. 1 in the engine industry in the evaluation of “State-accredited Enterprise Technology Centers”. In 2014, National Engineering Laboratory for the development of energy efficient and environmental friendly internal combustion engine, as the representative of the highest level engine of China’s internal combustion engine industry built by Yuchai, was successfully accepted by National Development and Reform Commission. The number of engine test benches in the laboratory ranks the first among the similar laboratories in China, making it possible to simultaneously carry out the test of Euro V engine, Euro VI engine and T3 engine. During the period of the “12th Five-Year Plan”, Yuchai has successfully developed the first diesel engine for automobile which complies with the emission regulations of Euro VI engine and realized the marketization of the engine. In October 2015, Yuchai “Large and Medium-sized Engine Cylinder Block Digital Casting Workshop” Project was selected in the 2015 National Intelligent Manufacturing Special Project.

Yuchai also won market recognition by paying attention to the high-end development of products in the transformation, especially in the fields of truck engine, marine engine and G-Drive engine. Yuchai actively transformed from engineering machinery engine field into on-road vehicle engine field, from medium-sized truck engine field into light and heavy truck engine field, making great achievements in the field of truck engine. From January to October this year, Yuchai’s truck engine entered the recovery phase around the country with the year-on-year growth and the steady raise of market share. The light truck engine field raised 1.1% of market share based on the negative growth among the whole industry. By October 31, the total quantity of output and storage of Y&C Engine Co., Ltd. has surged to a new high and the total output is above that of the last year. In the aspect of the research and development of marine & D-drive engines, adhering to the idea of “Simultaneously develop three generations of products in production, research and development and reservation respectively”, Yuchai strengthened the efforts of technological innovation and constantly developed marine & D-drive engines which meet the requirements of the market. Though the demand for the whole marine & D-drive engine market has been declining for 6 successive years, Yuchai still achieved an increase in marine & D-drive engine market share from the initial 5% to the currently 30%, leaping to the first place in engine industry. Among which YC12VC, the new generation of marine & D-drive engine, achieved the goal of demand exceeds supply and became new sources for profit growth of the enterprise by advantages such as advanced technology, high-precision manufacturing, high quality and ultra-high power.

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Yuchai Ranks The First on The List of Guangxi Top 100 Innovation Enterprises
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