Trade Resources Industry Views ProMach Opens New Southern California Facility in US

ProMach Opens New Southern California Facility in US

Packaging machinery solutions provider ProMach has expanded its Western US capabilities with new Southern California facility in Corona, California.

The facility will serve as the company’s new home for upgraded and extended multi-brand manufacturing, customer support, aftermarket parts distribution and factory acceptance testing (FAT) in the Western US.

ProMach Filling Systems general manager and vice president Mark Vanzant said: “It brings services closer to customers in the Western US and improves and expands our manufacturing, customer support, and product demonstration capabilities.”

ProMach will use the new facility for fabrication and assembly of Pacific fillers and filling systems, as well as Zalkin Pack West brand inline capping machines.

Earlier, the operations of both product brands carried out at separate facilities in Southern California, and now they are combined in the new plant in Corona.

The new facility also houses ProMach Performance Services, which offers integrated, design build, engineering and productivity software solutions.

ProMach’s new 81,000 ft² facility features a FAT area, distribution capabilities for aftermarket parts, as well as customer support services for Pacific and Federal filling systems, Zalkin capping systems, PE Labelers North America, and Axon sleeving systems.

The company has employed more than 50 people at Southern California facility.

ProMach president and CEO Mark Anderson said: “ProMach provides its product brands with the resources to produce the most dependable, productive packaging machinery currently available and positions us for leadership well into the future.”

In May this year, ProMach also opened a new facility for multi-brand manufacturing and customer services in Statham, Georgia.

The ProMach Atlanta facility has been developed to be used for upgraded and expanded multi-brand manufacturing, customer support, aftermarket parts distribution, and FAT.

Established in 1998, ProMach provides packaging solutions for the customers in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care, and household and industrial goods industries.

ProMach is headquartered near Cincinnati, Ohio, with manufacturing plants and offices across North America, Europe, South America, and Asia.

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