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Three Trebles The Data Cap on Selected Tariffs

UK mobile provider Three has blown the top off its data caps, giving customers up to three times as much value on selected tariffs. A range of devices, including the popular iPhone 7, can take advantage of the offer right away.

The data bump deals are now live and are available for some of the best smartphones around, including the Huawei P10, Huawei P10 Plus, and iPhone 7 Plus – as well as the aforementioned iPhone 7.

Some of the network's most popular SIM-only and mobile broadband tariffs are also privy to the bargain.

Kicking things off with SIM-only, new Three customers can now get 12GB of data instead of 4GB on a 12-month SIM-only Advanced Plan, which also includes 600 minutes and unlimited texts. It costs £15.

By way of comparison, EE offers a 20GB SIM-free data plan for £19.99 a month, Vodafone will shuck you 12GB at £19.20, and O2 provides 10GB for £19 – even BT’s best value tariff will cost you £17 per month for a mere 6GB.

Those tariffs differ because they offer unlimited call minutes, but many smartphone users will regard a plump data allowance as superior.

In other words, Three’s new offering seems like a very good deal indeed.

When it comes to smartphones, Three has a number of iPhones on its 24-month all-you-can-eat Advanced plan, which now includes 30GB of data instead of 12GB, plus unlimited calls and texts.

As well as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, this deal also takes in the iPhone SE, for those after a smaller form factor handset.

And if its the brand spanking new Huawei P10 you're after, any 24-month plan that previous came with 4GB of data will be scaled up to 12GB.

The only caveat here is Three says its data deals will be good between March 23 and 30, so if you like the sound of one, you might want to snap it up quickly.

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