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India Rolls Out Energy Efficiency Label for LEDs

India’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is implementing energy efficient labels similar to U.S. ENERGY STAR labels, according to a report from The New Indian Express.

Under the BEE scheme launched earlier this month, Indian LED manufacturers initially can apply these efficiency rating labels on a voluntary basis till late December 2016.

Eventually, the labeling program for LED lights would make it mandatory for manufacturers to acquire efficiency labels for their products. The energy efficiency of the products will be rated on a five star scale, the more stars indicates the LED light is more energy efficient.

Based on BEE standards, a large number of LED products on the India market is expected to fall into the category two or three star rating for energy efficiency.

According to the BEE standards, LED lights between 79 to 90 lumen per watt (lm/W) will fall into the two star rating, while those between 90 to 105 lm/W will have a three star rating.

"A large number of LED lights available in the market have lumen ranging from 80 to 105 per watt. The technology is available to improve the efficiency," a senior BEE official said.

To acquire four star the luminaire’s efficiency will have to be 105 to 120 lm/W, while luminaires 120 lm/W and above will be given five stars ratings.

Aside from energy efficiency standards, manufacturers will also need to meet other safety requirements including photobiological safety.

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