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GigOptix Giving Live Demos Of 100G-And-Beyond Datacom And Metro Connectivity At OFC

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In booth #3419 at the Optical Fiber Communication Conference & Exhibition (OFC 2016), GigOptix Inc of San Jose, CA, USA (a fabless supplier of analog semiconductor and optical communications components for fiber-optic and wireless networks) is showcasing its live demonstration of 100 Gigibit Ethernet (100GbE) short-reach QSFP28+ and SFP28+ chipsets and the 46 GBaud PAM4 metro driver.

The Datacom-centric demo features the firm's single- and quad-channel 28Gbps vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) driver and transimpedance amplifier (TIA) receiver and the new 4x28G clock & data recovery (CDR)/re-timer.

The Telecom-centric demo features the firm's linear quad surface-mount technology (SMT) driver with high linear performance to 46Gbaud PAM-4 signal (a promising solution for small-form-factor modules beyond 100G).

The Datacom demo is showcasing:

HXT8204: a 28Gbps 4-channel VCSEL driver designed for compact, low-power 100G Ethernet SR4 optical pluggable modules and active optical cables (AOCs); HXR8204: a 28Gbps 4-channel TIA with integrated limiting amplifier receiver array designed for high-capacity datacom 100G Ethernet SR4 pluggable modules and AOCs; HXT8201: a 28Gbps 1-channel VCSEL driver designed for compact, low-power 28G Ethernet SR optical pluggable modules and AOCs; HXR8201: a 28Gbps 1-channel TIA with integrated limiting amplifier receiver designed for high-capacity datacom 28G Ethernet SR pluggable modules and AOCs; HXC42400: a 28Gbps 4-channel CDR/re-timer for 100G Ethernet SR4/LR4 optical transmitter pluggable modules and AOCs; and HXC42200: a 28Gbps dual-channel, proof-of-concept CDR/re-timer application for 28G Ethernet SR/LR optical transmitter pluggable modules and AOCs.

The Telecom demo is showcasing:

GX64470: a 46Gbps 4-channel SMT driver, with 5Vpp single-ended output voltage designed for advanced multi-level modulation format beyond 100G coherent systems.

GigOptix says that its next-generation datacom chipset (HXT8204/HXR8204/HXC42400 and HXT8201/HXR8201/HXC42200) - offering a reduced-power, complete solution for 100G Ethernet SR4 modules or AOCs - is being previewed as part of OFC/NFOEC.

The Telecom portfolio is also previewing the GX64470 next-generation 46Gbaud/channel SMT, low-power consumption, four-channel linear driver for 200G metro applications.

100GbE SR complete chipset live demo

In booth #3419, GigOptix is demonstrating its solutions for 100GbE SR4 applications utilizing the soon-to-be-production-released HXT8204 laser driver, HXR8204 TIA and HXC42400 quad CDR/re-timer ICs. The 100G demo is showcasing the devices combined to deliver 25.78Gbps over more than 150m of multimode fiber. Performance between the devices has been optimized to deliver error-free performance with PRBS31 traffic across the fiber and highlights the ability of its CDR/re-timer technology (acquired last September with the purchase of Terasquare Co Ltd of Seoul, South Korea) and GigOptix's TIA and laser driver to form a solution for VCSEL-based applications such as 100GBASE-SR4. The combined solution offers low power dissipation of less than 2W in the QSFP28 MSA form factor.

In addition, GigOptix is showcasing a SFP28+ proof-of-concept solution that incorporates its single-channel HXR8201 28G TIA and HXT8201 28G VCSEL driver with its CDR/re-timer technology.

46Gbaud linear modulator driver live demo

GigOptix is also demonstrating 46Gbaud operation of the GX64470, which is an optical modulator driver designed for beyond-100G coherent small-form-factor applications. The demo will show the time-domain output waveform of the driver when 46Gbaud PAM-4 modulated differential signal is input, which corresponds to an electrical-domain signal to convert 16QAM optical signal in the succeeded optical modulators. The driver is a high-performance parallel linear Mach-Zehnder modulator driver with coplanar SMT configurations, and it consists of 4 x 46Gb/s broadband amplifiers, each capable of driving a linear output voltage of 5Vpp suitable for multi-level modulation format beyond 100G coherent applications.

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