Trade Resources Industry Views Pfizer, Merck, Corning Unveil New Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging Solution

Pfizer, Merck, Corning Unveil New Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging Solution

Pfizer, Merck and Corning have unveiled a new pharmaceutical glass packaging solution, which is claimed to improve the storage and delivery of the existing drug formulations.

Merck and Pfizer have combined their pharmaceutical formulation and manufacturing processing expertise with Corning’s glass science and precision forming capabilities to create the solution for injectable drugs in vials and cartridges.

The Corning Valor Glass packaging solution offers reliable access to medicines essential to public health.

It will provide enhanced chemical durability and damage resistance, enabling pharmaceutical companies in effective storage and delivery of drug formulations.

The US President Donald Trump has invited the CEOs of Corning, Merck, and Pfizer to the White House for announcing a new pharmaceutical glass packaging initiative.

According to White House officials, the partnership will drive significant US manufacturing and job creation, investing $4bn and creating more than 4,000 new high-tech jobs for Americans in the coming years.

Corning is investing around $500m as the first part of a planned investment of $4bn. The first phase is expected to create around 1,000 new jobs.

Trump said: “My administration is committed to streamlining the regulatory process so that it’s easier for companies to invest and innovate here in America.

“Today, I’m pleased to recognize Merck, Pfizer, and Corning for collaborating to modernize pharmaceutical glass packaging with Valor Glass and bring important manufacturing jobs to the US.”

Pfizer chairman and CEO Ian Read said: “We joined forces with Corning to advance this revolutionary new glass for medicines that are critical to patients.

“Our initial trial results with Valor Glass show promise, and we are working with Corning to assess the full potential of this glass solution on products at several of our manufacturing sites.”

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