Trade Resources Industry Views A + F Unveils New Tray Erector for Milk and Food Industry

A + F Unveils New Tray Erector for Milk and Food Industry

German packaging machines manufacturer A + F Automation + F?rdertechnik has unveiled new Tray Erector 216-S machine for the milk and food industry at the Interpack event.

The new machine has been fitted with a ProBlue application system and pneumatic applicators from the US-based adhesive technology specialist Nordson.

A + F's new erector can process 2,700 cartons per hour, and is installed with twelve servo drives arranged near to the folding elements for controlling through  a virtual master shaft.

The horizontal blank magazine is provided with a holder length of 900mm and loading height between 800mm and 1,000mm based on the blank. It will use corrugated board or 0.8 mm solid board.

Different crate versions can be created from the cardboard packaging blanks, including straight, internal or external conical perforated crates with or without stacking corners.

All folding and forming processes are carried out against a fixed core to maintain high repeat accuracy.

The tray is provided with dimensions between 200 x 150 x 25mm and 400mm x 400m x 50mm, while corner strap heights differ from 25mm to 140mm.

The machine, which has also been installed with a Simatic-HMI comfort panel, can be integrated with Allen-Bradley or Schneider components.

In December 2017, Swiss firm CGS acquired A+F Automation + Fördertechnik from Mutares.

Based in Kirchlengern, A+F manufactures packaging machines for the dairy, food and beverage industry.

The company also provides solutions for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other industries.

A+F produces a range of customer-specific solution ranging from the secondary and tertiary packaging to complete packaging lines.

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