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Qimarox Unveils Improved Version of Oem Stretch Hooder

Qimarox, a Dutch-based material handling components manufacturer, has unveiled an improved version of its standard OEM stretch hooder launched in 2016.

The company plans to introduce the new OEM stretch hooder at this month’s Interpack trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Its improved stretch hooder is based on a patented concept that allows tensioning arms, which stretch the stretch hood over the products, work on their own in separate guideposts.

The new pallet packaging machine comes without a framework to help in enhanced design flexibility of the standard stretch hooder.

Qimarox said that the guideposts' position in the new OEM stretch hooder is determined in the specifications of the project, enabling the machine to adapt accordingly. This makes it possible to process pallets from two different directions, and in turn allows the machine to be used in corners.

The new machine is said to be very compact with four tensioning arms with the ability to pull the stretch hood taut over the loaded pallet by stretching it.

Upon release of the stretch hood by the tensioning arms, the boxes, bags or any other products on the pallet will remain immobile, owing to the film’s elasticity. According to Qimarox, the stretch hooder can wrap any size of pallet as the four tensioning arms can move horizontally in two directions.

Energy consumption by the OEM stretch hooder is minimized as power-hungry technologies like pneumatics and hydraulics are not used to power the tensioning arms. This, the manufacturer says will help end customers to making energy savings worth €3,500 each year.

Apart from that, the stretch hooder doesn’t need much of maintenance as per Qimarox.

Whether it is machine inspection or replacement of wearing parts, everything can be carried out at ground level according to the manufacturer. Thereby, moving machine parts are not needed for either service or maintenance work.

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