Trade Resources Industry Views Bosch Will Introduce Its Pack 301 LS Machine for Biscuits

Bosch Will Introduce Its Pack 301 LS Machine for Biscuits

Bosch Packaging Technology will introduce its Pack 301 LS (length slug) machine for biscuits, at trade fair IBA 2015 in Munich, Germany, in September.

The line will enable manufacturers pack biscuits and crackers with greater flexible and speed.

The machine can package rectangular, square and round products, as well as sandwich biscuits.

Bosch Packaging Technology horizontal packaging global product manager Andreas Schildknecht said: "With the continued growth and product diversification in the global biscuit market, as well as the increasing demand for smaller portion packs and large family packs of flow wrapped biscuits on edge, high flexibility in terms of product count per pack is becoming essential.

"We have developed the Pack 301 LS to further enhance Bosch's biscuit packaging portfolio and to give manufacturers a competitive edge in the marketplace."

Complementing the company's Pack Series of horizontal flow wrappers, the automation system includes a Smart Measuring Loader, a Smart Slug Feeder and a Pack 301 LS.

While the Smart Measuring Loader catalyses a smooth placement of biscuits into cross chain, the Smart Transfer Unit undertakes pre-acceleration for optimal synchronization with the infeed chain.

There is also a counter holding pin that keeps the biscuit in an upright position before getting into the film tube. The cutting head has been supplied with a narrow design for tight sealing.

The Pack 301 LS can be controlled by a single HMI which engineers prompt changeovers for different formats and sizes. In the event of a product getting missed, the 'no product - no cycle' mode comes into effect for preventing empty packages.

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Bosch to Launch New Wrapper Machine for Biscuit Packaging