Trade Resources Industry Views LED Auto Headlight Prices Close to HID Models

LED Auto Headlight Prices Close to HID Models

Prices for LED automotive headlights are decreasing to close to those for HID (high-intensity discharge) models, and therefore adoption of the LED solutions will grow fast, according to LED automotive lighting module maker Laster Tech.

Laster Tech began to ship LED automotive headlight modules in small volumes in 2016 and expects orders to hike in 2017, the company said.

For 2016, Laster Tech posted consolidated revenues of NT$3.585 billion (US$113 million), rising 30.85% on year, gross margin 19.91%, up 3.41pp, net operating profit NT$272.5 million, up 204.29%, net profit NT$209.2 million, up 197.34%, and net EPS NT$3.45, and will distribute a cash dividend of NT$3.

Of 2016 consolidated revenues, 94.4% came from LED automotive lighting modules, including 46% for taillight modules, 39% for daytime running light modules and 1% for headlight modules. China-based automaker Great Wall Motors accounted for 36% of the consolidated revenues, China-based automotive lighting makers Shanghai Koito Automotive Lamp and Varroc TYC Auto Lamp for 18% and 9% respectively.

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LED Automotive Headlight Prices Close to HID Models, Says Laster Tech
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