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Fright! 2016 Meizu Has Opened So Many Games

With the end of the December 6th Charm Blue Note5 conference, Meizu 2016 product launch is also an end to the. Come back to look at this is about the past 2016, the number of Meizu open conference can be considered the most over the years, even Meizu Technology Vice President Li Nan himself Tucao this year opened too many games. While at the same time as a result of the Meizu conference will be a singer or band before the conference for everyone to bring songs, so Meizu's product launch is also a lot of kerosene dubbed the Meizu concert". This time we have to take a look at this year, Meizu to bring us how many concerts.

The first one: April 6, 2016

April 6th, Beijing, National Convention center. Meizu this year's first concert was held here, was invited to the concert guests Yu Quan. After the concert, Meizu officially launched a new generation of the charm of the new generation of products: Charm Blue Note3. After each concert, the Meizu will have a new product.

Second fields: April 13, 2016

Compared to previous years, this year, Meizu's flagship product to come earlier. April 13th, in Beijing, the 798 performing arts center, Meizu Xu Wei hand in hand for us to bring this year's second concert, while bringing us the Meizu PRO 6, which is also the debut of X25 Helio.

Third fields: April 25, 2016

Less than two weeks from the last concert, at the National Convention Center in Beijing, Meizu gave us third games in April. Guests in addition to Wang and Zhang Quandan fuck this network super reds, and national idol girl group SNH48's help, the lineup is very luxurious. In accordance with the Convention, the concert is the product of the conference, to meet us is the charm of blue 3, but estimated that everyone did not think this product will undergo iterative update in less than two months.

Fourth fields: June 13, 2016Venue: Beijing Chinese film director Center

Guest: Li Ronghao

The product is released after the concert Charm Blue 3S, which is two months before the release of the Charm Blue 3 iterative product. In addition to the body by the evolutionary generation of polycarbonate to all metal one-piece machine itself, also provides additional rose gold color, the battery capacity is increased to 3020mAh. There is the price with respect to the basic same with the charm of the blue 3, each a expensive 100.

The concert venue to return to the National Convention Center in Beijing, but the guests became Yu Quan and Pu Shu equally popular. The product is popular then burst table Meizu MX6 and PRO 6 are similar in appearance, the larger screen MX6 undoubtedly more to meet consumer preferences, although the performance of X20 and PRO is MediaTek Helio using 6 equipped with Helio X25, but the performance is fairly good.

Sixth fields: August 10, 2016

Location is still familiar with the Beijing National Convention Center, but the protagonist into a charm blue series of products in the aristocracy: Charm Blue E. This is the first use of Meizu flagship technology in thousand yuan of products, but also the most charm blue color series a (sky gray, silver moonlight, champagne gold, rose gold, glacier blue, and the first product) price of more than thousand dollars is the charm blue product line.

Seventh fields: September 5, 2016

This is the fourth time this year, Meizu National Convention Center in Beijing held a concert, the concert guests Chen grain. The Meizu brings to us is a record number of the first products Meizu history: the first 6 inch screen mobile phone Meizu, Meizu first use 4100mAh mobile phone battery, this is the charm blue Max, for young people's large screen business class products.

Eighth fields: October 31, 2016

If the small series of statistics did not go wrong, this concert is the Meizu this year, held all the concert in the highest specification, Gloria Tang, Sha Baoliang and other singers are involved. But the release of the charm of blue 5 is that many people are very puzzled, because for a long time in the use of polycarbonate Meizu Charm Blue 5 did not appear before the unibody, instead of full metal unibody. But fortunately, a little bit of color to make up a little bit of the body material on the regret, the ice white, mint green, matte black, champagne gold and sapphire blue, to meet the needs of different users.

Ninth fields: November 30, 2016

And singing on a one month interval, and a product release interval less than a month (PRO 6S and opened the concert), Meizu from the Beijing performing arts center again as we present a new concert. But Xiaobian the release of the product than the concert good-looking, Charm Blue X in addition to the first Helio P20, the design of the double glass also allows for full metal body already produce visual fatigue small eyes, but the price is not so beautiful, the top Charm Blue X price match came to 1999 yuan.

Another major highlight of this concert, is the Meizu has finally launched its annual flagship: Meizu PRO 6 Plus. Return to the Samsung Exynos series SoC and 2K resolution screen, let Xiaobian think Meizu MX4 Pro years ago, then Meizu has not reduced the flagship product using MediaTek processor. In addition to the Samsung Exynos 8890 and 2K level 5.7 inch Super AMOLED LCD screen, Meizu PRO 6 Plus is equipped with a front 5 million + rear 12 million pixel camera, support four axis optical image stabilization, colleagues is also equipped with a ring flash laser focusing and landmark.

Tenth fields: December 6, 2016

Meizu fifth times this year to Beijing National Convention Center (special Xiaobian think Tucao Meizu why so love at the Beijing National Convention Center), this is the Meizu final performance this year, in addition to the music, the Meizu brings to us is the charm blue Note3 upgrade Charm Blue Note5. As a positioning of thousands of yuan level products, Meizu has used a variety of flagship products with the process, the use of all metal body of a sudden come on the first generation of Charm Blue Note3 to bring the sense of cheap.

In fact, if the conference in accordance with the calculation, in the last year actually opened ten Meizu conference, U series of products is not directly on the line and open the conference in Qinhuangdao · triple sea public library released PRO 6S last year, Meizu has brought us 14 products, equivalent to less than a month this product, the machine sea tactics actually caused the attention of Li Nan Meizu, Meizu vice president of science and technology in accepting questions that next year will try to reduce the number of product launches, each section will be released to the products are made of fine, classic, this is all consumers would like to see.

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