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Purple Carrot Introduces 100% Curbside Recyclable Packaging Solution

Plant-based meal kit firm Purple Carrot has further strengthened its mission of sustainability with the introduction of a new 100% curbside recyclable packaging solution.

The new corrugated boxes, which has been designed to help minimize the environmental footprint associated with its meal kits, are made from 95% post-consumer material.

Additionally, the new packaging solution utilizes a recycled cellulose paper fiber liner and 100% water-filled ice packs that are drain-safe and environmentally disposable.

Purple Carrot said that its new packaging componentswill commence rollout to subscribers throughout the next few weeks.

Purple Carrot founder and CEOAndy Levitt said: "We're incredibly proud of our leadership role in introducing new, environmentally-friendly packaging components for our meal kits.

"Given the urgency of addressing the significant environmental issues we all face, we encourage other meal kit companies to invest in sustainable packaging solutions to help address this industry-wide issue.

“We are committed to ongoing innovation to ensure Purple Carrot remains at the forefront of product and packaging sustainability in the meal kit industry as a whole."

Purple Carrot clikas that the launch makes it the first and only meal kit company to deliver 100% plant-based meal options.

The use of post-consumer material for the packaging allows the little use to no harvested or processed components when creating the boxes. 

Purple Carrot’srecyclable packaging also includes 100% water-filled ice packs which are said to be drain safe and environmentally responsible disposable. The new ice pack films are also recyclable and food safe.

Additionally, the firm’s packaging includes cellulose paper fiber liners, which are made of 95% recycled cellulose paper fiber, making It 100% recyclable and repulpable in the paper waste stream.

Purple Carrot said it will also optimize its packaging by season, transit time, and facility location in order to ensure ingredients are fresh and ready to use when delivered straight to consumers' doorsteps.

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