Trade Resources Industry Views Chinese Visitors Can Pay by Alipay in Europe

Chinese Visitors Can Pay by Alipay in Europe

Alipay, the online payment service run by Alibaba, is being launched in Europe as the e-commerce giant struck a deal with Wirecard, a German payment processing company, which will let merchants using Wirecard's point-of-sales terminal accept Chinese visitors' pruchases made by Alipay.

That’s what Griffin Peng, ‎head of Europe, Middle East & Russia at Alipay, told the Deutschen Presse-Agentur. After partnering with a company at the Frankfurt airport, paying with Alipay will be possible in more European countries, he said. He didn’t give more specific information, but he made it clear that the payment method will comes to sites where many Chinese people can be found.

Chinese consumers can now make purchases using QR code-based mobile payments service Alipay at European retailers that incorporate barcode payment functionality provided by Wirecard. “Chinese users are able to pay with their smartphone and Alipay app at authorised POS retailers in Europe

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