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Gac Hino Rolls out Three Series of New Trucks

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 “Million Kilometers Quality Testing Activity” of GAC Hino in Guangzhou began on December, 19, 2015. The journalists of Chinatrucks Net. not only saw the charming GAC Hino “Hero” heavy-duty truck which do not need repair on large scale over 1.8 million KM but also the on sale of three series of brand new trucks, which were rolled out and attracted great attention for their big horsepower, long driving mileage and more safe respectively in the coming year of 2016.

The logistics industry is developing towards high efficiency and intensification, and the requirement of transportation efficiency is higher and higher. The purchasing desire of customers is turning to those trucks with big horsepower, big displacement and small velocity ratio. Though the GAC Hino  tractor with 380 horsepower has gained great trust and support from customers for its high reliability, high fuel economy and high safety, etc., the rapid development of logistics industry makes customers urgently need trucks with greater horsepower and higher efficiency to meet their transportation demand. The GAC Hino tractor with 450 horsepower was rolled out timely at the the urgent expectation of truck users.

With the upgrading of power system, GAC Hino ECO Tree Vehicle Intelligent Management System and Fuel-saving Driving Controlling System will also guard for the GAC Hino tractor with 450 horsepower. The configuration of GAC Hino tractor with 450 horsepower is breath-taking. While the journalists of Chinatrucks Net. got to know that GAC Hino Motor Co., Ltd. will adopt electronically controlled fan clutch and gearbox hydraulic retarder on this truck model in the future to further upgrade its fuel economy and safety. GAC Hino will also bring in the engine of 480-500 horsepower to meet the demand of enlarging bulk goods transportation. The GAC Hino engine of 13 L can definitely meet the requirement.

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