Trade Resources Industry Views HUAWEI Said The New Graphene Battery Performance Spike Market Most of The Lithium Battery

HUAWEI Said The New Graphene Battery Performance Spike Market Most of The Lithium Battery

HUAWEI Said The New Graphene Battery Performance Spike Market Most of The Lithium Battery

Graphene battery is the bubble it

Since October 23, 2015, HUAWEI and the United Kingdom, University of Manchester to achieve graphene application research project, we look forward to HUAWEI launched the subversive results, but who are aware, not so easy.

In fact, HUAWEI in Japan battery conference announced is "innovation of high temperature lithium ion battery" graphene power, to enhance the research results from the key technology, breakthrough performance ceiling existing lithium batteries for the watt laboratory, rather than the application research project from University of Manchester.

According to HUAWEI's chief scientist Li Yangxing Watt laboratory explained that the launch of HUAWEI mobile network base station, Yang Guangzhi plans to desert sun high temperature extreme environment for high temperature batteries, graphene has played an important role in efficient heat dissipation, rather than positive or negative material of battery.

It is understood that in the high temperature batteries, graphene mainly with positive and negative, built scaffolding a thermal conductivity within the electrode material, reduce internal resistance, improve heat dissipation. Like concrete to join the reinforcement to increase the intensity, monosodium glutamate added to the dishes to enhance the taste, graphene with positive and negative materials, will be able to play better energy storage function.

Although this is not the graphene battery, but according to HUAWEI, the performance of this new battery has been seckill on market at present most of the lithium battery, "the experimental results show that the graphene based high technology lithium-ion battery can be used to improve the temperature limit of 10 DEG C, the service life is 2 times that of ordinary lithium ion battery."

High temperature battery HUAWEI graphene battery allows people to have new eyes yearning, graphene in the mass media, the battery is already a super cell like existence, but a new energy enterprise marketing director Wu Xiaowen said: "Shi Moxi battery now there is no strict definition. I can't come to a conclusion in other directions, in the battery field, especially in the direction of lithium batteries, "graphene battery", the basic is also a delusion."

Graphene battery on the progress of countless, many of which claimed that the upcoming development of products, and even have formed a product, but then there is no below. Wu Xiaowen said, using graphene as battery materials, regardless of the cost, or process, there are still many internal and external problems need to be solved, therefore, the graphene battery countless times available, and countless disappeared.

Graphene industry is expected to enter the blowout period

Although graphene battery is not optimistic, but it is worth looking forward to the prospect of application in other fields.

For example, graphene material is significant for mobile phones, if a large number of mobile phone using graphene technology, means that a smart machine as a function of the replacement of the revolution.

According to industry outlook, if the mobile phone chip making use of graphene materials, significantly improved performance and power consumption will be substantially reduced; if graphene for mobile phone battery poles, battery life will be more than and 10 times the ordinary battery, intelligent mobile phone will become a full day of history; if graphene making the capacitor charge and discharge device. It's the speed of the lithium battery 100 times - 1000 times, a few minutes to complete the intelligent mobile phone charging; graphene has the characteristics of light, thin, translucent, almost entirely of high strength, good flexibility, if can be used on the mobile phone, we will be able to use up the flexible screen.

Although all this is just the imagination, but the industry leader in the enterprise without exception graphene technology investment.

In 2014, Ren Zhengfei in an interview that will be a technological revolution broke out in 10 to 20 years, "I think the future greatest subversion of this era is the era of graphene subversion silicon era", "now there is a limit width of the silicon chip, the limit is seven nm, is near the border, graphite is a technology revolutionary front. Can be expected in the next 10 to 20 years, this is the real change."

Not only is HUAWEI, Samsung, apple, NOKIA, fierce competition in the field of graphene has intensified, an application of the most high-profile NOKIA patents is to use graphene making high performance ultrathin camera sensor (graphene to light search sensitivity over now use the camera sensor thousand times).

In this year's Mobile World Congress graphene summit, on behalf of the global communications operators the interests of Global trade association GSMA responsible person said: "the current global graphene annual production capacity has reached 100 tons, GSMA alliance is expected over the next five years to ten years, graphene annual production capacity will reach kiloton. By 2020, the scale of graphene industrialization will make a breakthrough. Among them, the new energy market size will exceed 53 billion 400 million yuan, the composite market size will exceed 37 billion 200 million yuan, the market size of the electronic information industry will exceed 26 billion 700 million yuan."

China graphene industry technology innovation alliance released in July this year, the "2016 global graphene Industry Research Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report") said, graphene research achievement transformation and industrialization develops rapidly, as of now, a considerable number of research projects have been successfully completed and ready to enter the commercialization, graphene industry is expected to enter the blowout development period.

China is in graphene Gold Rush

China graphene industry technology innovation alliance, graphene industry is still in the initial stage, is expected to 2020, global graphene formed a complete industrial chain, the market size will reach 100 billion yuan, Chinese accounted for 50% to 80%, will play a leading and central role in global graphene industry.

From 2011 onwards, China's academic papers published by the Chinese scholars have been ranked first in the world, China has accounted for 40% of the total number of patents filed in the world. At the same time, China also led the industry of graphene materials movement, according to incomplete statistics, currently there are more than 300 enterprises engaged in graphene products and production equipment development, mainly concentrated in the graphene material, lithium ion battery, conductive additive, super capacitors, anti-corrosion coatings, electrical heating and health equipment, touch screen etc..

However, Zhongguancun graphene Industry Alliance chairman, academician of Academy of Sciences of Peking University, China nano science and technology research center director Liu Zhongfan academician on more than one occasion he expressed to the domestic graphene industry "by rolling flow" concerns, in his opinion, graphene has a bright future, but now we need more patience and to require steadfast efforts.

Academician Liu Zhongfan in the December 8th meeting of the International Conference on carbon materials China said: "although China has the largest graphene research team, but the development strength is also relatively scattered, disorderly development of small workshop has become the main characteristics of graphene industry at present. While the construction of industrial parks is blindly repeated more."

China is in the graphene gold rush, all over the country in the construction of graphene industrial park. Academician Liu Zhongfan in September 12th fifth China keynote report of science and Technology Policy Forum in the data provided, according to incomplete statistics, the name of graphene under the banner of the industrial park, close to 20, with the developed area, there are less developed regions, called a graphene industrialization movement.

Although the heat is very high in our country, but the overall focus only on low-end output, low attention to the future of the core technology of graphene industry attention." Liu Zhongfan stressed that due to lack of research and development capabilities, the key technology has not been resolved, the overall level of development and application at the low end, restricting the application of graphene in more areas.

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