Trade Resources Industry Views 9999 Yuan? HUAWEI Magic New Machine Appointment Point Spread to Cry

9999 Yuan? HUAWEI Magic New Machine Appointment Point Spread to Cry

Although only a dozen days from the end of 2016, but this month, there is a heavy flagship worth 16 pounds - yes, yes, that is, before the exposure of the glory Magic.

It is said that the machine is integrated a lot of innovation and subversion, is a future phone".

At present, the machine has been in the official HUAWEI mall, Jingdong mall, Tmall, Suning four platforms open 0 yuan blind about activities, has continued to the new machine conference in December 16th.

Make an appointment to experience,When you see the price of the Jingdong after being scared - even as high as 9999 yuan.

Although this is not the final pricing, but also passed a signal: glory Magic will not be cheap.

Prior to the price of millet MIX concept machine for 3499 yuan and 3999 yuan

In fact, Pan Jiutang, the industry has revealed that the higher the price of the machine, but it is difficult to buy,Some hardware parameters are not the strongest, the parameters of the party \/ also don't wait for the fans wig.

In addition, the glory of Magic will also bringLegend of the 5V\/8A super fast charging technology, charging power is as high as 40w,Not only higher than the HUAWEI Mate 9 series of the highest 25W fast charge technology, but also will provide faster charging speed.

It is worth mentioning that the official also provides 16 features for users to vote for the three major forms of the future mobile phone Magic glory,

Including: the whole 3D glass body, dual perturbation, folding screen, four curved screen, 4K screen, dustproof and waterproof, sliding keyboard, fast charging technology, Aluminum Alloy fuselage, with double camera, handwritten touch screen pen, borderless screen, wireless charging, control, intelligent learning, growing up with Home Furnishing.

It can be speculated that the glory of the characteristics of the Magic configuration, it should be in the above 16 configurations which.

The news broke the news that Magic will not glory in parameter is the strongest, the 2K screen is equipped with kylin 950 processor, rear 4GB ram +64GB fuselage storage, equipped with 12 million pixel dual cameras, dual front camera, increased iris recognition technology.

For such a future phone, we look forward to it?

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