Trade Resources Industry Views LG Confirmed Monstrous 105-Inch Curved 21:9 5k TV to Hit UK Retailers in The Coming Months

LG Confirmed Monstrous 105-Inch Curved 21:9 5k TV to Hit UK Retailers in The Coming Months

Forget OLED and flexible panels, LG has confirmed its monstrous 105-inch curved 21:9 5K TV will hit UK retailers in the coming months.

Having been showcased last year, the behemoth of the home entertainment space is now on its way to shop floors, with LG confirming deep-pocketed consumers will be able to snap up the TV before the year’s midway point.

Pricing is still to be confirmed but we get the strong impression that if you need to ask how much it costs, you probably can’t afford it.

If the company’s 105-inch 5K panel is just a shade too big for your mansion, LG has also confirmed it will launch a 98-inch flat 4K TV during the same timeframe.

Having once again showcased the technology during CES 2015, LG told TrustedReviews that, unlike its demoed 8K panel, this oversized pair will go on sale in Q2.

“What will be available in retail in the UK are our new super large screen formats,” Robert Taylor, LG’s Home Entertainment Product Manager told us.

“We have an Ultra HD 98-inch model with a sliding speaker bar and Harmon Kardon sound. It offers a super large screen 4K viewing experience.”

He added: “We have also taken this super large screen viewing experience and transposed this technology to a 21:9 panel, curved the screen and added 7.2 channel audio output to create our 105-inch model.

“Because of the aspect ratio and the size of the display it moves to a 5K resolution, but this TV plays native 4K content in a near iMax style home theatre viewing experience.

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Further detailing exactly when and when you will be able to torment yourself with the temptation of such an impressive bit of kit, Taylor added: “You will see this in premium retailers this year.

“The 98-inch model will be available in the UK in the second quarter. The 105-inch model will also be coming in the second quarter."

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LG to Bring Its 105-Inch 5K TV to The UK in Q2