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Smart Glasses Make Changes to Our Life

There are thousands of smart glasses in the world today.

Smart glasses are wearable computer glasses that enhance and augment information to the wearer, alongside what he or she sees.
Like the traditional computer, most smart glasses collect information from internal or external sensors, some of them controlling or retrieving information from other instruments, and some supporting Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS technologies.

There are also a number of smartglasses that have all the features of a smartphone. Yet, some smartphones are handsfree and can communicate with the Internet through either natural language voice commands or touch buttons.

Smart glasses help the wearers operate at a top-notch level whether in business/at work or in personal life. The world’s top smart glasses manufacturers keep on working to ensure that smart glasses continue to help man live his best life yet by simplifying complicated issues.
Here are the five famous smart glasses manufacturers in the world:

Vuzix: Vuzix Is a foremost developer of smart and augmented reality glasses, and produces personal wearable display computing devices that allow users to have a portable high-quality viewing experience. Their products also provide solutions for mobility, as well as provide virtual and augmented reality. This company currently holds 66 patents and has another 43. It has won Consumer Electronics Show awards for innovation for 13 years straight now, as well as several wireless technology innovation awards.

Toshiba: Toshiba is changing how people work with the latest technology by producing augmented reality smartglasses. The company brings more than 135 years of innovation to the table and continues to expand the limits of mobile computing.

Engine: Engine has 10 years’ experience manufacturing truly wearable camera. This is the only thing this company does and it does it very well. The company is a manufacturer of digital items such as Ultra HD Smart sunglasses video recorder and wearable camcorders. Engine products are especially made for outdoor sports, hunting, fishing extreme sports, and riding, and for military and police and other professional purposes where the wearer needs to keep his hands free.

Glass: Glass manufactures hands-free devices for hands-on workers. Its products intuitively fit into the wearer’s workflow and helps him/her remain focused on high value work by removing distractions. All the wearer has to do is say a quick ‘OK Glass’ to activate the right application to access videos and images, or view quality assurance checklists. With their products, wearers can also invite others to see what they see through a live video stream so you can.

Vufine: Vufine produces Vufine+, a high definition, wearable display that integrates seamlessly with the wearer’s technology so that the wearer can connect to his/her smartphone, laptop or drone to provide a second monitor or mirrored display. This means that users can use Vufine+ anywhere they need an extra screen without taking their eyes off what they are doing.

Smart glasses are widely used in many fields. They change our life and bring miracles to our life. Visit our life and get more info about smart glasses.

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