Trade Resources Market View The Earplugs Have Secured One of The Highest Industry Standard NRR Ratings of 33.4

The Earplugs Have Secured One of The Highest Industry Standard NRR Ratings of 33.4

EarMuffers™today introduces revolutionary earplugs that muffle, rather than completely eliminate, sound so that users are not disturbed by sound yet can hear alarms.  Based on a patented methodology, the earplugs have secured one of the highest industry standard NRR ratings of 33.4.

What's most unique is that the earplugs provide a non-invasive, comfortable and secure fit by being placed on the outside, rather than the interior ear. This eliminates painful pressure typically experienced from an earplug that is inserted directly into the ear. EarMuffers™earplugs are also designed as a disposable product, ensuring cleanliness and ease of use.

EarMuffers™earplugs are comfortable for sleeping, as well as safe and secure enough for active lifestyles and protection in work environments. It is an excellent choice for personal use, as well as in industrial and commercial environments.

"Developed by users for users, EarMuffers™earplugs are safe, comfortable and effective," said Marilyn Mance, CEO of MMearTech, LLC. "Being lightweight and easy to use, they are great for the home, in the factory or when travelling."

"EarMuffers™ saved my life and my marriage" exclaims Marilyn Mance the inventor of the EarMuffers™.

Five years ago Marilyn found her health deteriorating from lack of sleep because her husband was a heavy snorer. She tried every type of ear plug on the market but none worked...… she invented her own.

EarMuffers™ earplugs are manufactured in Pittsburgh, PA and all materials used in the manufacturing of EarMuffers™ are made in the USA.

A package of EarMuffers™ would make an excellent gift as a stocking stuffer during this Christmas season.  You'll also want to make sure you have EarMuffers™ earplugs on hand to provide protection for  your ears during the New Year's revelries.

Typical users of EarMuffers™earplugs include:

Spouses affected by snoring Airplane passengers Airport workers Hotel guests Hunters Soldiers College students Musicians Power tool users Patients in hospital ICUs or when undergoing MRI Factory workers

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