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Ancient Egypt Sets The Scene for The Origins of Geometry

Ancient Egypt sets the scene for the origins of geometry. The Egyptians incorporated geometry in the surveying of land, building the pyramids and in astronomy. The next big step came from the Greek mathematician, Euclid. Even in ancient times, geometry was recognized as essential to anyone who was well- educated. Geometry taught the philosophers of the day how to follow lines of reason and how to prove concepts.

Without the great minds of the past, our lives would be very different from the way they are today. Even at the recent fashion shows, accessories with sharp, linear aspects were spotted.

The Currey & Company Design Team has taken the principles of geometry and applied them to new product designs. These principles are as modern today as 3,000 years ago. New lighting and furniture designs display the obvious elements of squares, triangles, rectangles and circles.

Inspired by the geodesic dome, the Buckminster Chandelier is composed of a symphony of triangles. Named after R. Buckminster Fuller, the designer of the geodesic dome and known fondly to a certain generation as the Poet of Geometry.

Metal ribs, hand-finished with Pyrite Bronze, skillfully frame triangles of Raj Mirror. The Metro Wall Sconce is a rich display of layered gold rectangles. Certified for damp locations, the Metro will add practicality and a crisp, clean design to any interior.

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The Currey & Company Design Team Brings Ancient Design with New Edge
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