Trade Resources Market View The Micro-Blogging Social Networking Site Saw Its Share Value Rise by 73 Per Cent

The Micro-Blogging Social Networking Site Saw Its Share Value Rise by 73 Per Cent

Twitter's first day of trading as a public company ended successfully, as the micro-blogging social networking site saw its share value rise by 73 per cent, reaching an overall company value of $31bn (£19bn).

From flotation on the New York Stock Exchange, Twitter saw its stock price leap from $26 on offerign to $44.90, while just over 13 million shares were traded. 

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Twitter, which has 230 million users, nevertheless lost $69m in the first six months of 2013, despite revenues of $254m.

This left many concerned that the company may go the way of Facebook when it debuted on the stock market: early excitement quickly evaporating as investors became progressively more cynical over its prospects.

Both companies largely rely on selling advertising; however, there seems a general belief right now that Twitter's method of engagement - via promoted tweets - may prove more successful than Facebook's reliance, at the time of its 2012 IPO - of targeted sidebar advertising on desktop sites, which had little scope for migration to mobile.

However, Tristan Rogers, CEO of collaboration software company ConcretePlatform, believes Twitter's long-term share prospects have an "innate fragility".

"The promoted tweet and advertising revenue that Twitter will be relying on to support its share price will be largely based on the Twitter populous feeling the need to continue with its pointless babble," said Rogers.

"Clearly, investors already believe this new social fabric a very powerful thing, judging by the interest Facebook's IPO generated. With Twitter yet to turn a profit (as was the case with Facebook pre IPO), we are about to watch another fascinating judgement call for investors.

"The internet is a big place, and the choice of communication channels and mediums continues to grow. How attached in future hundreds of millions of users will be to their 140-character meanderings is the billion dollar question."

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Twitter Shares Leap 73 Percent at Stock Market Debut