Trade Resources Market View Tips for Trampoline Importers When Buying Trampoline From China Trampoline Manufacturer

Tips for Trampoline Importers When Buying Trampoline From China Trampoline Manufacturer

In this Article, you the Trampoline businessman will be enlightened on the factors that you should consider before investing your capital in a China Trampoline Manufacturing company, as well as the type of trampoline that will suit his or her geographical region. This guide will help the importer to make an informed feasibility study of the trampoline business and as usual, with a knowledgeable feasibility study, more sales can be made and an honest profit can also be made. Profit is very important if not there will be no need to buy trampolines from China especially for countries that are so far away from China. 

The Chinese trampoline manufacturers market have become so vast and versatile, serving the whole world even with the supposed language barrier, buying from China used to be a huge challenge but with a thorough guide and tips on how to venture into any market, Businessmen have come to see that there is no such thing as barrier when trying to buy stuff from China.

China trampoline manufacturers are detailed and meticulous in their production and that has earned them the opportunity to penetrate markets like United States, Europe and a lot of Asian and African markets, if their products were not durable, they won't be able to achieve such groundbreaking success.

As we proceed, I will discuss some factors that are going to be of great importance to any trampoline importer, it will enable the importer to be able to have a full knowledge of what is obtainable when establishing business relationship with China trampoline manufactures.

1. What is your aim of importing Trampolines:

Starting a business without clearly defining the objective of the business will set the business on a voyage with no destination, you as a importer should be able to state where you want to be a distributor or a supplier, when this is done, it'll help you to determine who your customers are going to be, this knowledge will serve as a blueprint for the overall success of your trampoline business and also help you to determine which Chinese trampoline manufacturer you are going to use.

2. Select a Trampoline Manufacturer:

The benefits of buying directly from a factory cannot be overemphasized, you not only get the best deals at price, but you are sure that you are buying an original trampoline form a genuine china trampoline manufacturer. So thorough research has to be done before settling and shaking hands of friendship with any staff of any company. Before selecting any company, you should either be able to speak Mandarin language or find yourself a middle man that will interpret the language for you, being able to understand every bit of your discussion is very important, you should be able to ascertain that the company conforms with every rules, regulation and standards issued by the Chinese government and trade unions as well as institutions that are meant to govern the activities of such companies, feel free to ask the company who their key clients are and try to obtain some good information from those clients about that manufacturer and finally before you decide to use any Chinese trampoline manufacturer, be sure that your business philosophy and goals align with their own.

3. Imbibe a thorough negotiate with your selected manufacturers:

Having a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your manufacturer helps you to establish and build a healthy business relationship with them, nobody has to feel left out or unsatisfied, however, no matter how badly you have to return to your country after the business meeting, it is recommended that you take time and negotiate a very good price with your supplier, after you have met other people that buy from that company, try and see that you buy your own at a cheaper rate, never you buy at a more expensive rate, this will make it difficult for you to sell at a good price that will give you enough profit. If you buy at a high price, combining the cost of transportation and customs duty, you will end up finding it difficult to penetrate the local market.

4. The Contract should be written in simple and easy to understand terms:

Every manufacturer that engages in international business transactions likely to avoid fraudulent or malicious business ideas because, in the long run, it will affect the company adversely. The contract should be spelled to avoid any misunderstanding in the future, the supply and delivery methods should be spelled clearly and the mode of payment should be boldly written. Terms and conditions should conform with international business laws and both parties must have their lawyers present while doing the paperwork. This will eliminate any element that will cause doubt and or misunderstanding from any party as business goes on.

5. Establish your Mode of Transportation:

Decisions should be carefully and meticulously made, everything about a business revolves around making a profit and sustaining the business that is why every decision should be made carefully in a way that will yield profit without affecting the supply chain of the business. In terms of transportation, you can either handle the logistics by yourself or you can outsource it to a logistic company. Air or Water transportation are the other options to select from, Air gives expedited delivery while water is slower, therefore if you are importing trampoline accessories, air cargo will be a good option, then if you are buying a large quantity of trampoline, Sea is a better option because it is cheaper and handles bulk Cargo.

6. Import Declaration:

This is a common practice across the globe and varies from one location to another, trampoline importation just like every other importation is not left behind. For instance, if you are a European importer, then trampoline imports within the geographical boundary of the European Union usually declare their trampoline imports to the HM revenue and customs with an EU single administrative document, if you are from America or Africa, make enquiries and be sure that you know everything that relates to trampoline importation in your region.

7. Government Taxes and Custom Duties:

It is not supposed to be talked about, of course, any importer knows that government taxes and duties must be paid unless you want your cargo to be impounded by the authorities. What I want to say here is that you should be able to ascertain the amount of money it will cost you to pay VAT and import duty on trampolines that you import from China, this will also guide you when you are negotiating price with the China trampoline manufacturer, because your selling price depends on these factors to a large extent.

8. Your Legal Paper Work must Be On Point:

Different states in different regions have a different way they control trampolines purchased from China trampoline manufacturers, that means that knowing whether you need an import license before importing trampoline and getting your legal documents ready is very vital to a trampoline importation business. If they are ready, you will witness no hassle in importing from China trampoline manufacturers.

9. Commodity Codes or Numbers:

This also depends by region, due to the numerous institutes that regulate and check the standard of imported goods, Europe, for instance, the United Kingdom has a 10 digit code for all the trampolines that enter their country from China.

10. Get your Target Market-Ready:

You don't want to import trampolines and keep them in the store for donkey years before customers start to buy out, you need to have finished with publicity and advertisement so that once your goods get to the store you can sell out and make another purchase, this is necessary because economic conditions change and you don't want to be caught in a harsh economic condition that may end up as a loss.

Choosing the right trampoline for your Customers

Depending on your aim and target customers, you need to know which trampoline that will sell out faster in your regions, different shapes and sizes of trampolines are manufactured by China trampoline manufacturers and for the article, I will discuss the shapes and sizes. Different shapes and sizes can be produced by China trampoline manufacturers and custom shapes and sizes can also be produced on demand.

Round trampolines:

This group of trampolines are the most rampant, people like buying them, they are adapted to any place and are known as the market movers. This trampoline is a catch for new jumpers because it is designed to throw the jumper back into the center while jumping, so with this trampoline, your target customers will be the casual jumpers. They come in different sizes ranging from 4ft to 14ft, their round shape provides a sort of infinity boundary and allows for a more consistent and powerful bounce.

Rectangular Trampolines:

This works best for limited spaces and gymnasiums, unlike the round ones, the rectangular once requires a bit of expertise and carefulness, the round Trampolines are designed to throw you back into the middle but the rectangular once can throw the jumper out of the trampoline if care is not taken therefore it requires a more controlled takeoff, all the springs work independently and so if you are buying this rectangular trampoline, your target customers should be the professional jumpers.

Oval Trampolines:

This is a hybrid trampoline, it brings together the benefits of both the oval and rectangular trampoline. It doesn't take a lot of space as the round trampolines and it also has a centralized jumping area like the round trampolines. Apart from that it just like a rectangular trampoline, every corner is an independent jumping area. It is not yet very rampant but if you properly enlighten your customers, they can buy and market it on your behalf.

Over-ground trampolines:

These are the regular trampolines that set up above the ground, they sit on legs that give them support and balance. This group of trampolines are easy to set up and maintain and it is generally accepted by many because you can be moved around at any time to any place and it can be disassembled and packed up with the least technical knowledge, you may not even need an expert to help you disassemble it, it can also last longer because it can be removed from harsh weather conditions.

In-ground trampolines:

These look aesthetically awesome, the sit in the ground and maintain the topography of the landscape. Jumpers can just walk into the jumping area instead of climbing ladders. It just requires a custom hole to be excavated in the ground to fit it. Protective nets can be installed to guide against accidentally jumping to the ground and risking the fracture of the bone. Because they are meant to be outside in and out of season, they are designed and built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Both the over ground and the in-ground trampolines come in different shapes and sizes and if you want to sell the in-ground trampolines, your target customers should be amusement centers and large playgrounds, but the nay side is that it is immovable and difficult to disassemble.

Trampoline size guide

Trampoline size                          Suitable for...                                                     Best for...
4 - 5ft                                          Small Gardens                                                  Toddlers
6 – 7ft                                         Small Gardens                                                  Toddlers
8ft                                               Small/Medium Gardens/ Gymnasium                Kids
10ft                                             Medium Gardens/ Gymnasium                          Kids and Teens
12ft                                             Large gardens/ Gymnasium                              Kids, Teens and Adults
14ft                                             Large gardens/ Gymnasium                              Kids, Teens and Adults


In a nutshell, buying and importing Trampolines from China trampoline manufacturers is the best way to go, you will make a good profit and have loyal return buyers. Once you do your part well and check all the necessary boxes, China trampoline manufacturers can service all your needs. They are designed to standard and are environmentally friendly.

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