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Lifan Shijun Trucks to Launch with Customization

Lifan Shijun sounds like a new player for commercial vehicle industry and it is a company which can produce all series trucks in Southwest China. So how will it enter the truck markets?

One company has to own products with the great quality if it wants to win the markets. Lifan Shijun will release all series high end trucks, including light trucks, medium trucks and heavy trucks, said Ma Libin, and their high end trucks will be rather competitive in terms of interior features and comforts. For the truck need of major users who are born in 1980s and 1990s, and they have higher requirements on comforts when riding and driving. 

And they also pay attention on customization version of the truck. So that the customer can order their own trucks as their special needs. And Lifan Shijun's such strategy has won many customers' recognition. And they just secured an order for 100 LNG slag trucks recently from Yunnan province, said Yang Jiangtao, GM of Lifan Shijun Marketing Company.

In terms of providing in time and convenient services and exploring markets, Lifan Shijun has set 250 shops to show the model vehicles and provide mortgages and after sales services for their 1000 dealers. And Lifan Shijun has set 59 shops for 200 dealers in South Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa.

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Lifan Shijun Trucks to Launch with Customization