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New Showroom for Kingsdown in High Point Market

Kingsdown, Inc. has announced that they have signed a lease for a new, 7,800-square-foot showroom at the International Home Furnishings Center at M-528 in High Point. The new space is being remodeled to showcase the latest sleep technology developed through its collaboration with the Sleep to Live Institute and products geared to help retailers differentiate themselves against competition in their local markets.

New Showroom for Kingsdown in High Point Market

The company plans to put the spotlight on its bedMATCH system. The bedMATCH system is a diagnostic system used by over 10 million consumers to help them find the right mattress for a better night’s sleep. The system not only raises average unit selling prices for retailers, but also avails them to a trove of information about their customers and how they can improve the efficiency of their selling floors based on the science of who their customer is. An expanded bedMatch display will adorn the front end of the new showroom.

Kingsdown President & CEO, Frank Hood said, “We are returning to High Point after nearly a decade because of changing market conditions that make our presence there more viable. Increasingly, independent sleep shops and furniture retailers see our distinct product mix as a way for them to differentiate their offerings in the market. When they add our diagnostic system to the mix, the see average unit selling prices rise dramatically,” said “But many of these independents still don’t travel to Las Vegas, so High Point presents us with an opportunity to work with them.”

The company’s successful Passions and Downton Abbey lines will also be featured as unique selling propositions that can help retailers distinguish their selling floors.

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