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How to Choose a Trampoline - 10 Factors to Consider

In choosing and buying a trampoline from a China trampoline manufacturer, It is important to note that if you are new to the trampoline business either as an importer that wants to buy in the wholesale and sell to customers, a park or gym owner or as a parent that wants to make the children happier, you need to spend time to study and understand the various features and components that are critical in a trampoline.


Finding a trampoline is easy to you but in this article, we will tell you about the factors that will let you choose the best trampoline suited for you. A Trampoline typically consists of a sturdy frame, flexible mat, springs, piped edges, and an enclosure. Let us now look at the things to consider before choosing a durable trampoline for sale to our customers or for using in our private spaces. These factors are very crucial in helping you to choose a trampoline that will last you a very long time without causing any accidents.




Round Trampolines:

This type of trampoline are the most rampant types of trampoline, they are mostly deployed for recreational activities, and they are versatile and meant for outdoor use. They usually range from 5 feet to 16 feet in diameter. They are suited mainly for backyards or gardens but will look very beautiful in front of the house if there is sufficient space to mount them.

The distinguishing features of the round trampoline include
- They can easily be used with safety nets
- They offer an incredible even force distribution that enhances safety
- They are portable and lightweight
- Very rampant and therefore very affordable

Rectangular trampolines:

These are preferred by athletes and for sports events, their rectangular shape makes them the best for space planning since they can easily be placed near corners of fences, patios or a narrow part of the yard. Although they aren’t everybody’s favorite, they have some distinguishing features,
-They can comfortably fit into tight corners or spaces that may look like wasted spaces
-They offer a higher and more concentrated bounce than the round trampolines
-They are slightly more expensive than the regular round trampolines.

Square trampolines:

these are quite rare to find, but a thorough search in China will get you a credible China trampoline manufacturer that will supply durable ones, they inherit the fitting that the rectangular trampoline has in spaces and imitates the jump quality of the round trampolines. Their jumps are not centralized in the middle like the round ones but it kind of combines the jump principles of the rectangular trampoline and the round trampolines.

Mini trampolines:

These set of trampolines mean serious business, they are not there for the all fun type of jump, it best suited for if you have a small gym in your house and you want to engage in strength and balance training. They are compact, affordable and very beneficial to the owner in terms of concentrated balance workouts. Doing a short 30 minutes routine on a mini trampoline is similar to intense jogging on a flat surface for 30 minutes also. It burns great calorie, gets the heart working properly and shapes the muscles beautifully.

Inflatable trampolines:

This types of trampoline is otherwise known as water trampolines. Unlike the conventional trampolines that make use of springs for bouncing, the water trampolines are inflated tubes that float over water for support and balance, because they are filled with air, they cannot sink. It is quite expensive to buy them but a reputable China trampoline manufacturer makes durable inflatable trampolines that are rugged and easy to maintain. They are usually seen in water recreation parks as a castle or slide recreational toys.


Normally, trampolines come with metal springs or coils that are aligned along the edges of the trampoline mat. The springs are high tension springs and offered bounces proportional to their tension rate. This ensured that the trampoline was hard and rugged but on the other hand their springs may cause a couple of injuries due to its lack of protective padding and lack of proper shock absorption. 
As technology advanced, springless trampolines were discovered and introduced into the trampolines structures. This type of trampoline makes use of fiberglass rods which offers superb relief and support with even better bounce rates. They are quite safer when compared with the ones with metal springs and had a quality padding that can handle shock better than the springs.

3. Picking The Right Trampoline Weather Cover

Tarps are what many people usually make use of to cover their trampolines, tarps have a limited shelf life and they are not usually built to withstand harsh weather conditions and they tend to be destroyed by twigs and sticks. So before you order from a China trampoline manufacturer put into consideration a durable weather cover for the trampoline. Now let’s talk about the considerations to make while buying an appropriate weather cover.

Definite fit:

Find a weather cover that has a precise fit on your trampoline, if you have a round trampoline, find a round-shaped weather cover, if the cover doesn't cover completely, it makes the exposed parts of the trampoline to age faster and also makes the metal parts to start rusting.

Accurate drainage hole: the cover should have appropriate drainage holes located at a good point so that when rain falls, the rain will not be collected in the middle of the trampoline canvas and therefore mount pressure on the mats and rods.

UV resistance:

This goes a long way in determining the lifespan of the trampoline mat, getting a UV resistant cover will help to keep the mat cool even under the scorching sun so that the trampoline mat and accessories won't have to expand under much heat.


The edges should be elastic to stretch few more inches for proper coverage if it is a universal weather cover, but these days some trampoline manufacturers put weather covers inside the pack when you purchase a trampoline from them.

4. Is The Trampoline Durable?

Nobody wants to jump from the trampoline to a hospital ICU bed, therefore before you settle for any trampoline, make sure that it is safe, durable and bounce safe, modern trampolines are engineered to be better than the originals with a lot of mistakes taken into consideration and perfected for better experience. A durable trampoline should offer adequate shock absorbency, fall protection and deterrent to unsafe jump practices. Paddings and protective covering should be put in place for the metal spring trampolines, the elastic fiber rod trampolines already have that incorporated in their design.

5. What’s The Right Size for You?

Knowing the right size for you will enable you to have a cost-effective budget and helps you to know the size that suitably fits into your space, that being said, let's take a look at the various trampoline sizes offered so that you can make better choices when ordering from any China trampoline manufacturers or a trampoline from any part of the world.

8 feet:

Ideal for tight spaces and children, it is approximately 2.4 meters wide and usually supports a weight of 180lb, because it is closer to the ground, it is not ideal for adults because they may touch the ground while jumping.

10 feet:

This is a better size and more universal, it supports up to 330lb which means that children and adults can bounce on it, some of them come with a ladder for better accessibility into the jump area.

12 feet:

This is slightly bigger than the 10 feet trampoline, but has a huge difference in durability and jump quality. It is preferred by active jumpers but shares a lot of physical features with the 10 feet trampoline, oftentimes, it supports the same weight with the 10 feet trampoline.

13 feet and above:

Anything 13feet and above is legendary, it is just the best, better weight distribution, better bounce and ideal for heavy and professional jumpers, it comes with everything needed for installation and safety while jumping.

6. Do You Need A Safety Enclosure?

Knowing what makes an enclosure durable and breathable is a question that consumers want to know and you as a seller or importer should be ready to answer this question any day and anytime. The safety enclosure keeps children and amateurs from falling off the trampoline, therefore the importance of the enclosure cannot be overemphasized. Now let’s see the man features of an adequate safety enclosure.

Shock absorbency:

A good safety enclosure should be a good shock absorber, it should be able to extend the fun on the mat to the enclosure so that when someone accidentally bounces on it, it gently throws the person back to the jumping area.

Proper attachment:

They have to be very compatible with the U-bolt assemblies of the trampoline, they should have a firm attachment with the trampoline to form a single unified body with the trampoline.

Overlapping doorway:

The entrance point and exit point should be closed but designed in such a way that children will not fall out of it. They shouldn’t be zipped in case of an emergency exit.

7. How reliable is the trampoline Bed?

If a trampoline bed is not reliable, then there is no need to keep it. A trampoline bed should be able to encourage safe and high bounces and also have a perfect distribution of load and impact to the springs or fiberglass rods. A good trampoline bed should also be made of good breathable material and also a good ultraviolet material. If you are unsure of how good the trampoline bed included in your trampoline is, you can buy a better one and replace your stock trampoline bed with a better one, below are some reasons why you should consider changing your trampoline bed.

Too much weight pressure:

If the trampoline mat offers a bounce that is less than it should offer due to the weakness of the mat or looseness of the mat materials then the trampoline bed should be changed.

Sun and water exposure:

The materials used in making a trampoline mat gets weaker due to excessive exposure to sunlight and rainfall, that is why you need to get a weather cover which is relatively cheaper than getting a new trampoline mat replacement. If your trampoline mat starts fading in strength due to weather conditions then you must change it to avoid accidents.

8. How Many Supports Does The Trampoline Have?

Just like drivers take their vehicle tires very serious, Trampoline legs and the way they respond to bounce is very important factor to consider when buying a trampoline.
Trampolines that have 6 legs are generally better than the ones that have 4 legs, even though smaller trampolines may come with four legs, it is recommended that you opt to get the small trampolines with 6 legs.
Trampoline legs should not have rollers, they should have a good pad and they must be made with durable materials because, in the real sense of it, it is the legs that carry all the weight. Legs with diagonal struts to check diagonal movement are also better than standalone vertical legs.

9. Do You Need Trampoline Accessories?

Your choice of accessories should be determined by its compatibility with the trampoline and how safe the accessory is when used with the trampoline a couple of accessories includes,
Trampoline ladder: metal ladders are a complete NO because they tend to heat under harsh sunlight and they can tear the trampoline materials or even cause injury. Plastic ladders are better for big trampolines and the rope ladders are becoming everybody’s favorite.
Anchor kit: these consists of screws, webbings that are attached to the ground to keep the trampoline at a fixed point to withstand extreme weather conditions like winds and heavy rainfall, they also keep the trampoline fixed to safely transfer load from the legs to the ground.
These two are a must-have for people who own trampolines, other accessories include trampoline tents, bounce boards, basketball hoop, etc.

10. Who Will Be Using It?

Lack of proper knowledge of trampoline, set up process and accessories to buy causes trampoline accidents, so if you are buying your trampoline from any China trampoline manufacturer, tell them the group of people that are using it so that they can guide you with suggestions on the best trampoline that is suited for your target users.

In the end, go for a good trampoline, do not focus on the cost, rather focus on the safety and practicality of the trampoline, by the way, it is better that you spend a fortune on a trampoline than spending more on medical services due to accidents from a poorly designed trampoline. Make inquiries and insist on the best whenever you are buying a trampoline from a China trampoline manufacturer.

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