Trade Resources News & Press Release VIP Buyer's One-Stop Service: Meet with Success in China!

VIP Buyer's One-Stop Service: Meet with Success in China!

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VIP Buyer's One-Stop Service: Meet with Success in China!

VIP Buyer's One-Stop Service: Meet with Success in China!_1

VIP Buyer's One-Stop Service: Meet with Success in China!_2

Since opening in January 2013, Focus Technology Co., Ltd's has offered a customized One-Stop sourcing service that has assisted 10 more buyers in "meeting" their pre-selected China suppliers successfully. With its suite of services ranging from quality supplier pre-matching, to re-arranging China business trips, hotel reservations, schedule setting, factory tours, to translation services, they stand ready to be the personal trade consultant for global buyers! The cost effective alternatives to sourcing agencies For those big fat companies that have senior sourcing managers who know business practices in China very well, there is little worry about both communication- and sourcing-related problems. However, things can turn kind of blue for small companies who also want to buy something directly from China. Nowadays, there are many sourcing agencies trying to work as middlemen for buyers to make deals with Chinese suppliers. They may prove to be cost-saving sometimes, but it is worth asking if there are any other cost effective alternatives that you could apply.'s "VIP Buyer One-stop Service" is meant to take buyers' sourcing experience in China to the next level. Case Study - Factory Visit in Shenzhen for Canadian Buyer From Jan 23rd to 25th, 2013, George, a Canadian friend of, came to experience the VIP buyer one-stop Service in Shenzhen. He came to China for pool cues, LED candles and other products. We provided all-round support and assisted on all facets of the trip to China. After experiencing our match meeting service, George could not help screaming, "Yeah! That's what I want!" When the supplier that Made-in-China put him in touch with demonstrated the perfect pool cue, he purchased the sample and placed an order worth 2000 RMB to be shipped back to Canada without hesitation. He said, "I am sure this will help me make money in Canada. You can tell the difference of this kind of pool cue." After the successful sourcing, George stated that the service he was receiving is both sweet and efficient, saving tremendous time to locate the right supplier. As for suppliers, they appreciate the chance to meet with buyers face to face rather than communicating through emails. When in a face to face scenario, it is more likely to break language barriers and create a more open and dynamic atmosphere which could lead to more potential business opportunities. VIP buyers' one-stop service helps both sides secure more profits and receives high acclaim. It will bring more business opportunities in the future for both buyers and China suppliers.

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