Trade Resources News & Press Release Opportunity Knocks for Made in China--2012 China Economy Forum kicked off in Ningbo

Opportunity Knocks for Made in China--2012 China Economy Forum kicked off in Ningbo

Opportunity Knocks for Made in China--2012 China Economy Forum kicked off in Ningbo

Opportunity Knocks for Made in China--2012 China Economy Forum kicked off in Ningbo_1

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Since the second half of 2011, the growth of China’s import and export trade has slowed down. Weakness in the European Union, the United States, Japan and other markets has had a noticeable impact on foreign trade. In this environment, how should China’s private economy and private entrepreneurs change with the wind’s direction, to seek the key to their next opportunity? On Jul 14th,the “Buick LaCrosse • 2012 China Economy Forum”, jointly sponsored by the Southern Weekend and Buick LaCrosse, kicked off in Ningbo, the birthplace of the maritime trade. The well-known economic commentator Ye Tan, Vice President of Xu Jianfeng, Fudan University "Contemporary Chinese Economy" Changjiang Scholar Professor Zhang Jun and chairman of Neoglory group Zhou Xiaoguang, were invited to attend the forum. Prominent economists, entrepreneurs and leaders of social organizations gathered together to face the “Tumultuous 2012” and to provide the private economy with new propulsion. Going from “rapid earnings from exports” to China's first trade deficit in the first half of this year, what changes have occurred in China’s export? Ye Tan pointed out that the golden age of China’s exports has come to an end; we are facing a serious situation now. However, out of adversity comes opportunity, as well. How can we sort out the logical risk to put forward buffering countermeasures? How can the views of all parties be recognized to avoid information clamor? How can the industrial pattern be redrawn to open up secure thoroughfares? Based on the closer examination of the manufacturing industry, Vice President of Xu Jianfeng put forward his views on how enterprises should seize the opportunity and seek breakthrough prospects. In a speech entitled “The Breaking through Road of Made in China”, Xu assessed the current international economic situation. From the observation and reflection of the front line of China’s manufacturing and foreign trade, Mr. Xu pointed out that shrinking foreign demand, RMB appreciation, rising labor costs, the lack of brand competitiveness and various trade barriers in the international markets are the five problems currently faced by the Chinese export enterprises. The key for China’s export enterprises’ breaking through is - upgrade! Here upgrading, does not relate to the industry as a whole, but to specific solutions for each enterprise. Large enterprises must integrate rapidly to expand their scale, improve the viability and improve their bargaining power. Small enterprises must be prudent and enhance their competitiveness. On the other hand, society should advocate the pursuit of an open, honest and pragmatic environment; not just material wealth. We should also understand and evaluate our development from the point of view of the quality and innovation that will redefine “Made in China”. Mr. Xu encouraged enterprises by saying that, not only is confidence more important than gold, but also perseverance is necessary. They need to persist with both during difficult phases and periods of rapid economic growth. “The Beauty of Made in China”, a public interest activity that recently organized in cooperation with Southern Weekend, in hopes of finding outstanding enterprises from the SME industrial product design field to reverse the stereotype of “Made in China” products and encourage SMEs to develop products with independent intellectual property rights. They hope to eventually win the competitive edge for these Chinese products both in domestic and foreign markets. This is what has always done. In the roundtable forum held later, the honored guests gave bright and witty answers to issues of concern to everyone.

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