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Focus Tech Celebrate Its 10th Anniversary

The arrival of 2006 has brought jubilation to the people at FocusTech, the operating company of, to whom the New Year was of special significance. It marked the completion of the first decade in the development of the company and constituted a big step forward, setting them thinking about the past, and at the same time, firming up their confidence towards future. On January 7, 2006, the staff of FocusTech and their families attended FocusTech’s 10th Anniversary Celebration in the Tianfeng Hotel Conference Hall. The first part of the celebration began with some wonderful staff performances. The first act of the night was a well-prepared lion dance performed by the Dongguan Office. Two fierce yet adorable lions bounced and tumbled around the hall, delighting the audience with their exciting movements and strong drumbeat. What followed were an eye-catching fashion show, a side-splitting talk show, a dramatic mini play, a hip-hop dance and streetball show, and finally a sweet chorus by the girls from the Web Operations Department... The performances were well-prepared, lively and entertaining, and the audience responded with cheers and applause. The second part of the evening began with a video slide show of FocusTech’s history. Everyone was deeply touched by the old pictures and familiar scenes on the screen. Then the two founders of the company were interviewed. Looking back on the trials and tribulations that the company had gone through, the General Manager choked up with tears. However, even in his emotional voice, one could hear much more happiness and determination! Ten years had passed. Looking to the future, FocusTech and its staff were keenly aware of their goals and ambitions for the next decade. It was their hope that they would continue to improve and succeed, and stride confidently and purposefully into the future!

Focus Tech Celebrate Its 10th Anniversary

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