Trade Resources News & Press Release 2013 'Beauty of Made in China' Annual Award was Announced; New Practical Type Products were Highly Praised

2013 'Beauty of Made in China' Annual Award was Announced; New Practical Type Products were Highly Praised

An ordinary lock? No. When the red lights on, it means someone stays inside; when the green lights on, it means no one stays inside. It looks like a fashion earphone only, but it combines the function of earphone and speaker, can be used to by connecting blue tooth. "A walking portable speaker…” On 17th of November, there are over 300 kinds of products with smart designs at Guangdong Industry Design City, which is “Beauty Made in China" annual selection of the final assessment site This activity is launched by, Southern Weekly and Chinese Industrial Design Association.

As a national industry design selected activities, at the beginning of April, we selected 3000 units from companies and design agencies across the country in half a year. After the initial review by the judges online, there are 300 products stepping into the final assessment. After several rounds of selection, eight greatest awards, 32 awards for excellence were born from the final 11 categories. The level of competition products’ designs this year is over last year's On the final assessment site, there are a lot of excellent products like LED smart lock with prompt function. "It is a perfect combination with the normal lock and high technology which is very valuable" said by the activity judge - TANG CHONGJIA, Vice President of Guangdong Industry Design Training Academy." Although it has high-tech elements, but it does not make people feel difficult to use, it is prominent on this point". The activity judge- HAIER Innovation design central manager - Wu Jian, who took part in “Beauty Made in China" annual selection of 2012, thinks the 2013 overall competition products designs is better than 2012's with a broader scope of participation. Besides of traditional consumer electronics, it contains some advance products like medical products, network products. Among them, one product is very suitable for mobile internet demand, which has a smart design, wonderful functions and is easy to operate.

The activity judge, Tong Huiming, dean of Guangzhou Academy of Arts - Academy of Design, thinks that the overall problem-solving skills and levels of China made products have a significant improvement. As I am told that, the final assessment of the shortlisted products cover 11 categories including Consumer electronics, health care, industrial equipments, building materials, electrical & electronics and instruments. The purpose of appraisal is “Name Rectification " In fact, with enhancing the quality of entries, it also reflects that Chinese manufacturing enterprises are enhancing the importance of industrial design to some extent. "Made in China" means mass manufacturing in the past, but we see many design elements on products, more and more enterprises work hard to improve quality and design, the purpose dedicates to do name rectification for the past impression. " Mr. Tang Chongxi Said, "It is also one of the implications of Beauty Made in China". Design occupies an extremely important position as an enterprise symbol, it is very important to improve value-added products. In recent years, more and more companies realize this point, but not far enough. The Organizers of “Beauty Made in China” set the activity theme of this year "The Rectification of Name for Made in China by smart design".

By this activity, on the one hand, they show unknown beauty of Made in China to public, when China has benchmark for the design recognized by the world only, the value of China-made will be rediscovered and recognized; On the other hand, they hope this activity can become a bridge between design institutions and manufacturing enterprises, enhance value-added of China-made brand. “At present, there are many types of design awards organized by the industry, government or university, but the most essential organization is from trading platforms and media such as and Southern Weekly. Through this platform, the value and contribution of excellent design can be showed fully, so that the enterprise management and operations teams can pay attention to the role of design" Mr. Wu Jian Said, it is precise essence of the event. Good design is to be used for solving the problem This event’s winning products are more novel and practical, which are designed to solve practical problems. For example, a vehicle safety mirror is used to inspect the bottom of auto: Maintenance workers use it to extend into the vehicle and view auto bottom through the mirror reflection, the angel can be adjusted by wheels whirling, easily- take design handle, and do a under maintenance where the problem was found. "This design is very smart, but it reduces the labor intensity of maintenance workers and solves the practical problems" the activity judge, Liu Guanzhong said, head of Tsinghua University Arts Department design strategy and prototype Innovation Institute. The tools concerned labors are more meaningful than entertainment products, he thinks the designer should plunge into the thick of life; the good design is to be used for solving the problem. In fact, China design has reached the frontier in some areas at recent years. “Somebody says China doesn’t have designs? No, but many are pompous designs. These ironic words just point out our problems." Liu Guanzhong said, "Not only both enterprises and economy need transformation, but also design needs consider what the target is, which should be dedicate to solve problems, not icing on the cake" Liu Guanzhong says, it is very meaningful for the concept of "Beauty of made in China" launched by "We are a leader of production industry, and the key word is not to ‘Produce’, but to 'Create', it should include standards, norms, processes and technology, or beauty appears on surface only. The real beauty of manufacture should be an inner beauty, which is able to improve the living levels of the Chinese people, the working efficiency. This is also reflected in our selection."

2013 'Beauty of Made in China' Annual Award was Announced; New Practical Type Products were Highly Praised

2013 'Beauty of Made in China' Annual Award was Announced; New Practical Type Products were Highly Praised_1

2013 'Beauty of Made in China' Annual Award was Announced; New Practical Type Products were Highly Praised_2

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