Trade Resources News & Press Release Taking the opportunity of Dongguan 3C Expo, pull string for China buyers and oversea buyers

Taking the opportunity of Dongguan 3C Expo, pull string for China buyers and oversea buyers

13:00 pm - 14:30 pm, October 15, 2009, taking the opportunity of International Computer Communication & Consumer Products Expo (Dongguan, China), pull strings again for the China suppliers and overseas buyers: Successfully holding the sourcing events at Dongguan International Convention & Exhibition Center. This time, made in China gave special consideration to the features of Computer Communication & Consumer industry of this 3C Expo in Donguan, targeting at the computer industry and peripheral products, consumer electronics, etc., and invited a large number of high-quality domestic suppliers and overseas buyers. Buyers were from Brazil, Canada, Germany, Australia, India, Pakistan and other countries. Each buyer negotiated with 5-6 Chinese suppliers on average which are members of Every buyer had clear purchase intentions and also found interested products from suppliers. The meeting was well orderly organized. Firstly Miss Feng Juan, supervisor from Buyer Service Department of gave a brief introduction of the company's services as well as the theme of this meeting and then let the suppliers and buyers choose partners and negotiate freely. When Meeting went to the second half, the Brazil Chamber of Commerce brought dozens of buyers to join, which made the event of “big matches between buyers and suppliers" to a climax. According to Feng Juan, due to the work of pre-selected and pre-matching, the effect of live negotiating was significant. Pakistan buyers, Mr. Farooq Malik with the interest of purchasing computer terminal equipment, provided a detailed list of for purchase in advance to the buyer Services Department of With the help of staffs from Buyer Service department to do the matching work, Mr. Farooq Malik had a great talk with Ms. Lai and Mr. Wang, both from Technology International (Hong Kong) Limited, who can offer the products which Mr. Farooq Malik needs to purchase., Dean Xia, our buyer service specialist, also warmly helped the supplier to move their products into discussing area for presentation. In addition, the three buyers from India Mr. Nagaraja M. Halappa, Mr. Anand Arer, and Mr. Gokul Govind Naraya as well as Mr. Keith Wong from Australia, all had happy talks with members from and achieved the initial intentions of co-operation. It is reported that buyers are very satisfied with this meeting. As the scale of this 3C Fair is not very large, some buyers could not find all products they want to purchase in the exhibition. Through detailed pre-match work of, and great work of inviting high-quality China suppliers to attend, each buyer in the meeting found their satisfactory partners. For some buyers were unable to attend due to temporary emergency reasons, we have also prepared the proper plan in advance. For example, although this time a buyer with interest of GPS could not come to for the temporary emergency, we put the buyer's contact information to the corresponding supplier so that they could get in touch after the meeting. Most traders expressed the hope that would host more meeting like this for bringing more business opportunities via the off-line way for buyers and sellers. There is a small episode during the meeting: Buyers meeting was going to end following the estimated time, many suppliers and buyers were talking happily with no intention to end while the next activity in this meeting room would begin soon according to the arrangements. At this time, our staff poured out an idea, brought all of merchants to our booth on the Fair for negotiating continuously. As a result, their "live negotiating" lasted 2 more hours. Overseas buyers and China suppliers thought highly of our staff for their resourcefulness and responsible work attitude. Not only Mr. keith Wong from Australia, Mr. Gunter Tannae from Germany, but also the three buyers from India, all gave the high praises of our staff of for their serious and responsible work from and also thanked a lot for finding suitable partners.

Taking the opportunity of Dongguan 3C Expo, pull string for China buyers and oversea buyers

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