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Work Efficiency Improved in China's Customs after Reforms

This year China has seen its customs undertaking reforms to facilitate trade across the border.

Yu Guangzhou, head of the General Administration of Customs, said the customs clearance reform is in accordance with the annual economic work conference concluded on Monday.

"This July our customs accomplished full coverage and joint cooperation between districts, which has thoroughly broken through the barriers between the clearance zones. Companies can independently decide to declare to customs, pay the tax and where that procedure will take place, which has greatly shortened the clearance time across districts and cut costs. It is estimated that it can save almost 50 percent of handling fees and 25 percent of logistics fees."

Yu also vowed a firm stance on cracking down on smuggling in the coming year.

From January to November this year, customs departments across China have discovered and seized over 2 thousand smuggling cases, involving a total value of 40 billion yuan. That is more than 6 billion U.S. dollars.

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