Trade Resources Policy & Opinion ISPA Led The Way in Developing a New ASTM Voluntary Crib Mattress Standard

ISPA Led The Way in Developing a New ASTM Voluntary Crib Mattress Standard

The International Sleep Products Assn. says it led the way in developing a new ASTM voluntary crib mattress standard, which sets a size requirement for crib mattresses and establishes a test method to confirm the size.

The new standard creates a safer sleep environment for babies and infants, ISPA officials said. It requires that crib mattresses include a label with safety warnings to advise consumers to make sure their crib mattress properly fits within a crib and warnings to help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, they said.

The new standard addresses safety concerns over possible gaps between the crib mattress and the crib, which could create an area where a baby could become entrapped or could suffocate.

"The mattress industry took the lead in addressing this important safety issue," said Christopher Hudgins, ISPA's vice president of government relations and policy. "This new standard will mean that parents and infants can sleep comfortably at night knowing their new crib mattress meets the latest safety requirements."

ISPA established and led a working group of its members and other crib mattress producers to develop an initial draft of the standard. The draft standard was then submitted to ASTM, where ISPA, regulatory agencies and consumer advocates developed the standard.

The new standard will be voluntary, although many, if not all, crib mattress manufacturers are expected to meet it, ISPA said. The Juvenile Product Manufacturers Assn. currently has a certification program for products that meet ASTM standards and is creating a certification for crib mattresses.

ASTM is a standard setting body that uses a committee stakeholder process to establish safety and other product standards. The process allows all stakeholders, including industry, consumer groups and the Consumer Product Safety Commission to take a role in developing the standard, officials said.

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