Trade Resources Policy & Opinion EcoCortec Selects Contractor for New Facility in Croatia

EcoCortec Selects Contractor for New Facility in Croatia

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Europe-based manufacturer of films and bags EcoCortec is building a new facility in Beli Manastir, Croatia.

Co-financed by Croatian Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts within European Funds Programme, the expansion project involves construction of new facility in Croatia.

EcoCortec signed the contract with a civil engineering construction company.

EcoCortec specializes in manufacturing Cortec Corporation's VpCI films which is said to be an important product in the corrosion protection business. The company exports its production to all European and Asian countries.

Earlier this year the, EcoCortec plant launched “Plastic Recycling Project” which aims to collect and recycle used films and bags.

Said to be the first of its kind in Europe, the initiative allows Cortec’s customers to send their waste material back to the Croatian plant. This waste material is then completely recycled and used for manufacturing a new product.

In 2015, EcoCortec has introduced new multifunctional, high-technology Corpak Static Dissipative Bubble film, expanding its product portfolio.

The only bubble film in Europe produced with Nano-VpCI technology, Corpak Static Dissipative Bubble film has volatile corrosion inhibitors with cushioning packaging bubbles to provide protection for sensitive or delicate components without leaving residue on packaged items, the company said.

EcoCortec offers capabilities like complete converting, extruding, and printing to its customers. It manufactures films and bags based on customer specifications in terms of product size and performance and offer flexibility in terms of order sizes and meeting special customer requests.

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