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We Always Give Human Touch to Online Printing

It’s all about personalised care for each customer that makes a difference almost in every business and industry. The digital technologies are the hot trends but printed communication still holds a place in our hearts, as it is one of the best ways to promote your business. The print industry is in a period of substantial changes. It requires embracing innovative technologies that change the way people used to order their materials for print. The future belongs to the digital technologies and to those printing companies, who invest in environmentally- friendly production mechanisms, user-friendly websites with efficient production facilities that provide the services in a cost-effective manner. Companies who embrace technological innovations can deliver it all.

Although a relatively new player in the UK print industry, SAXOPRINT is proof that it is a successful business model, which also works all over Europe.

Currently it is not only the print quality that is important to the customers but also the personal service to the customers that makes a business successful. It is still vital that you keep the human touch to the services you offer, and guide the customers through every step of the way despite how automated the production process is. By keeping the right balance between the two, you end up getting happy customers.

Daniel Ackermann, Managing Director of SAXOPRINT says, “I think companies need to adapt their strategy to maximize the potential revenue gained from using online services and the technology behind them, also remembering the importance of the human face behind every business.”

Marketers and designers challenge is to find a critical balance of digital and printed mediums, which effectively maximizes the impact of their campaigns and cuts through the clutter in an era of overload. If the medium is print then it needs to be affordable and still something to admire and be proud of.

Whether you are a graphic designer, architect or interior designer, you need to showcase your products beautifully and in quality print. Paper and print are a very tactile and eye-catchy medium, which opens an incredible range of opportunities to designers and marketers for creating beautiful pieces. Designers seek to drive consumer engagement by creative printed products that have a broader appeal than purely visual. Using SAXOPRINT’s blank print templates for Indesign, Photoshop or Illustrator, anyone can create their own individual artwork without a problem – and without faulty bleed.

The companies who can help you deliver the job in a short time, and with good quality are few. SAXOPRINT has been an essential and reliable friend for most marketers and designers. As part of it’s 2014-2015 Marketing Strategy SAXOPRINT is aiming to effectively take part in a number of design and marketing events, via sponsorships or partnerships for instance with prestigious Marketing Week Awards, the London Design Festival and or the 100% design exhibition, by doing their print sponsorship (See the attached video).

It is also important not only to show the human touch to your service but also to genuinely show the humanity to the environment as a whole. SAXOPRINT has an initiative of Climate Partnership aiming to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2, and ensure that materials are printed climate neutrally. There is, the collective printing process, which makes paper consumption more efficient and reduces the company’s greenhouse gas emissions in comparison to conventional printing methods.

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We Always Give Human Touch to Online Printing
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