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Electricity Available in All Ethnic Regions in SW China

Electricity will be available in all ethnic regions of southwest China's Sichuan Province by the end of December, Sichuan Energy Administration announced Wednesday.

With the country's largest Yi ethnic region and second largest Tibetan region, Sichuan managed to provide electricity to nearly 1.5 million people since 2010.

Those living in remote areas used to rely on butter lamps for lighting, and keep warm by burning wood and cow dung.

"We were isolated from civilization, and far away from happiness," said Tsewang Sonam, villager from Baiyu County in the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan.

The local governments have invested over ten billion yuan (about 16 million U.S. dollars) since 2010 to ease power shortages.

"The average elevation in non-electrified areas is 3,850 meters, and some places remain inaccessible by road, which brought high costs and difficulties in construction," said Lei Kaiping, director of Sichuan Energy Administration.

This month will mark an end to the regions' electricity shortage, and primitive living conditions will be improved by household appliances like refrigerators and electric cookers, Lei said.

"Upgrading the rural power grid will be a key focus during the provincial 13th Five-year Plan (2016-2020)," according to the official.  

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