Trade Resources Policy & Opinion Demarcation of Maritime, Land Zones Good for Macao's Prosperity

Demarcation of Maritime, Land Zones Good for Macao's Prosperity

An executive meeting of the State Council, China's cabinet, on Wednesday passed a draft map of administrative divisions demarcating the maritime and land zones of the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR).

According to the draft, an area of 85 square km of sea east and south of Macao is to be administered by the SAR. The border inspection building is also under the administration of Macao.

The move provides new territory for Macao's economic and social development, promotes law-based governance and scientific planning in the region, and ensures enduring prosperity.

The adjustments in maritime and land resources by the central government have demonstrated the unique superiority of the principles of "one country, two systems" as well as the country's support for Macao.

President Xi Jinping attended celebrations marking the 15th anniversary of Macao's return to the motherland on Dec. 19, 2014. During the visit, he promised to clarify the water areas governed by Macao while meeting with Chui Sai On, chief executive of the SAR.

Soon afterwards the central government, along with Guangdong provincial government, the government of Zhuhai City and the Macao SAR government, worked out a specific plan after investigations.

The demarcation will strengthen the SAR government's efficient governance by law.

There was no clear demarcation of sea zones between Macao and Guangdong in the mainland. Sometimes overlapping jurisdiction causes problems in fighting crime at sea and navigation safety.

The demarcation of maritime and land areas between Macao and Guangdong will enable the SAR government to rule the region in accordance with the Basic Law, or Macao's mini-constitution.

Moreover, the decision will help Macao with the pursuit of a diversified and sustainable economic growth.

The central government has always attached great importance to Macao's economic development and improvement of people's livelihoods, taking into consideration its role while making national strategy.

The authority has given strong backing to the building of a world travel and leisure center and a bridge and service platform between the Chinese mainland and Portuguese-speaking countries.

With the support from the central government, Macao has achieved rapid economic growth, stable society and increasing cooperation with the Chinese mainland.

The demarcation of maritime and land zones will help Macao break through its bottleneck in the economic and social development and give full play to the SAR's unique role in the whole nation's revival.

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