Trade Resources Policy & Opinion CCCME Successfully Holds Seminar on Chinese Investment in Developed Economies

CCCME Successfully Holds Seminar on Chinese Investment in Developed Economies

China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products held a Seminar on Chinese Investment in Developed Economies in Beijing on the afternoon of July 21, 2015. Attending the seminar were 90 representatives including 9 experts in investment and M&A areas from seven countries such as the U.S., UK, Belgium, Ireland, Sweden, Russia and Japan, as well as representatives from 40 CCCME members that intend to invest in above countries.

CCCME President Zhang Yujing met with all foreign experts before the seminar, and had talks with them on deepening cooperation to promote Chinese enterprises to invest and cooperate overseas. President Zhang Yujing, on behalf of the CCCME, signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with President of U.S.-China International Investment and Trade Union, which mainly involves bilateral cooperation in developing China’s domestic expo and meeting markets.

Vice President of CCCME Liu Chun attended and addressed the seminar. She said over recent years, Chinese outbound investment has sped up, the economies in EU and U.S. have been the hotspot region for Chinese enterprises to invest overseas, and many CCCME members have made successful cases in the developed markets. She hoped that enterprises would gain professional investment knowledge from the seminar to guide their investment when coming to concrete cases. President of U.S.-China International Investment and Trade Union also briefed on U.S. investment policies and Chinese investment in the U.S..

9 experts from developed economies introduced the investment environment in their own countries, common problems related to the investment and concrete investment cases, and they communicated with Chinese entrepreneurs who intend to cooperate with them or have already had projects underway. Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric Co., Ltd, member of CCCME, who planned to establish a plant in Los Angeles, especially sent its representative from Hunan province to attend the seminar and listened to the U.S. experts’ introduction of the investment policy and labor employment in Los Angeles. Representative from Dalian International Economic and Technological Cooperation Group consulted with expert on investment in U.S. tourism. Representative of Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd exchanged views with Russian expert on the investment of cement plant project in Russia. The interaction lasted for nearly one month in warm atmosphere with expected fruits being made.

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