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Different Types of Bumpers

Decorating a home is an art not everyone can claim to know. But, even the desire to do some occasional alterations here and there can really change the way your home reflects. Although these alterations need not be on a huge scale, as even a small thing like changing or placing the glass tops over a coffee or dining table can make a world of difference. And in order to carry out this task, you will require glass table top bumpers. You can easily find them in home improvement stores which carry a wide range of these rubber bumpers. Just by changing the shape, color, or size of the glass on a table can change the whole outlook of your living room.

Now, you might think that by using only an adhesive can be perfectly fine to place the glass top over the table. But, the fact is that this idea should only be used on permanent table tops. If you do use an adhesive on its own, you won't be able to change the glass top whenever possible. I guess the only time this can happen is if the glass is cracked, has scratches, or gets chipped from the sides. Either way, you do have a way out. Hence, the better option is to use rubber bumpers for glass table tops so you have the option of replacing the glass at any given time. As you read the rest of the article, you will learn about various bumpers and find the steps on easily securing a glass table top using these bumpers.

Different Types of Bumpers

If you visit any home improvement stores, you will find that there are various types of bumpers. They not only vary in colors, but you can find different shapes in them as well. Depending on the size of your glass table top, its size, and shape, you can use the appropriate bumpers for the use. Choose from either red, beige, clear, black, brown, white, blue, or any other colors, depending on what you're searching for. There are stick-on bumpers, rubber crutch bumpers, push-in bumpers, and screw-on bumpers that can be used to secure a glass table top properly. Now if you have any doubt as to what kind of bumpers should you purchase for your glass table top, don't shy away from asking the employees at the stores for help. They will give you helpful suggestions that will suit your requirements.

Secure a Glass Table Top

You can choose to use clear, black, or any other colored bumper discs for your glass table tops. Now the reason you should use these bumpers is because they have excellent anti-skid properties that protect your glass tops from falling and/or sliding. Plus, regardless of what kind of coffee table or dining table you have, metal or wooden, these bumpers will efficiently secure the glass table tops over them. For this task, we have given the steps below. Let us take a look at how these bumpers for glass tables are secured precisely. First, let's gather the items we'll be needing - a glass cleaner, clear bumpers, and a lint-free cloth. We will have to remove the glass table top off the base first. This step is only required if you're placing bumpers on an existing table top. Do so very carefully so that we don't chip or scratch the glass. Use the lint free cloth and glass cleaner to wipe off dust from both sides of the glass table top. There will be backing behind the bumpers; remove them and stick them onto the glass top. If your glass top is round, oval, or some fancier shape, you will need to make sure that the placement of the bumpers is lining one another accurately. Place the bumpers in position. Depending on the design and size of the table, you will require that many bumpers and place them accordingly. Bring the glass top and very gently, place it directly over the table. If the glass top is heavy and big in size, ask for someone's help as you don't want to secure the top crooked. Gently press the top over the bumpers. And you're done. At Buzzle, you can also read an article on rubber bumpers for furniture that talks about how you can use these bumpers for other uses.

If you have a clear glass table top, only use clear bumpers for the best results. To purchase these replacement bumpers, you can search for them online or at the home improvement stores. They are mostly available in the aisle where there are items relating to kitchen cabinets. The grip from these bumpers are excellent and won't make the table tops slide off.

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